How to unlock a car door (without a key)

Unlocking 3 different cars using various tools and methods.Lockout tool kit:1. On EbayOn AmazonFavorite Tools:Pocket screw driver - Flashlight - Hand Tools - Reader - Jump Starter -


who is the panda.... dude perfect please tell us!

Me: this logic makes no scese


check out our shots. we ve been compared to dude perfect so far

Ryan Yoo

they used an actual actor?!


3:40 dadgumit dropped the milk?!?

salsha soleh


Daddy McPapi

“Wanna see my burn?”

Royal Adam

Wow thanks! 

Kylie E

Who else’s cried ?

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Okay, the Cory In The House anime meme is certainly fucking outdated, but the idea of both shows being in the same universe isn't that bad.


I love this video. Had some good laughs. Thanks Guru

Jar of Marbles

I’ve been watching from the start

Yazeed Alfayez


Diana Nichols

Confront your dad and tell him about it. It'll help get the pain off your chest. On my upcoming birthday that's on the 28th of this month. I'm confronting my used to let sister that's on my dad's side. She has not talked to me in years. See you soon. Came to my birthday parties for years and my graduation party. I'm turning 21. Day. And that's the day I'm getting everything off my chest to her. She's going to see how badly she hurt her younger sister. She even thinks in my liar of everything. I'm not a liar. She is the worst sister that I've ever had. So that's why I'm confronting her. You should do the same to your dad & tell him how you feel.

SGpro 42:00

0:24 this*2

Mindy Smith

I wish there was super smash but marvel version

Yrrel Ramirez

At 3:21 turn your speed at 0.25 x then stare at the ball

David Lawrence

Purple hosir

Series - The Animated Cinema

I had a dream I was making a minute videos, video! Help me I’m crazy

Pranati Srinivas

reads title

b r


Nacho Dragneel

Isn’t leaving the effects of when a person get scared?

Roger Macias

ty my leauge needs a good umpire

Rodrigo Irigoyen Dorantes

cody´s new nickname could it be cd???

Crystal Tea

Next video: my dog ended up being my cousin who was actually logan pauls father

Andrew Thornton

Basketball one is my favorite

cakie wakie

Big​ Boffin 😂😂😂all​ she​ had​ to​ do​ was​ make​ her​ account​ private​ my​ god😂😂

IDontGiveAFuck Games



I’m chad

g kamai


Magma 548

My bad hey my bad

David Heras

Mini battles definitely count!

And I OOP!

“Wow what a great country full of happi—“

Vika Kalna

I love the rage monster