How WayV treat each other...

*quietly sits in corner crying at the thought of my grandparents dying*

ZNB Anims

And I had a girlfriend at 4.


It's good you're also doing movies easter eggs too not just videogames


I"m not sure if I believe in someone living an after life but I hope she is there somewhere.How does this work?????


jan cok

Subtitle indonesia plise

Michocolate Balingit

1 like = 1tyler in finals


At jan 2 i am 10

Naina S.

4:57 Tyler nah

Rhiza Gorospe

Hi! Im from the Philippines as well. Idk what im feeling right now, but it just feels so proud to be a filipino when u see your fellow filipinos in a video in youtube or something very popular.

Tuaunga Tupou

Oooo is she j.k. Rowling?


i went "is this actually J.K Rowling?!?!" 🤯


Can you play as Panda?!?! :D


Hey Funwithguru, If you have a PSN account can you add me. My name is Deathfire2001. If you dont I can understand. I just would like to help with your easter egg videos :-)

Juho Koli


So when we sat down around a table.

Justin Green

Stop mixing your fuel sources. Don't mix carbs with fat or all you'll do is muck up your system.

Jesse De Beste

Make please a mine