I cibi nemici del grasso addominale

In Italia ci sono almeno 6 milioni di persone che soffrono di obesità e addirittura 22 milioni di persone sono in sovrappeso, ma i chili in eccesso non sono solo una questione estetica, anzi, interessano soprattutto la salute. In questa puntata di “Buonasera Dottore ne parla, il professor Pier Luigi Rossi, che mostra come si esegue la misurazione del girovita e propone una dieta per rimettere in forma il nostro organismo

7uman being 4 ever

This is bitterest epsode😍

Glitch Gaming

Well..this was unexpected for my Tuesday night

yufan-Adam liu


Abby Harley

I wish one of the older brother took over. The world would be a greater place. I hate you. You’re not giving enough freedom that people actually need

US Support LLC

They are a bad thing, and I had no problem filtering out everything in the Myspace era, I'd manage just fine now without the assistance of big brother and the corporatocracy :D

Crystal Lizard

As soon as I saw Howard on that train video I went like " oh, he is going to be bad. Omg I was right


looks like the next gta game is about aliens, just like saints row 4.

Dazhah Wilks

Wats the first game called


Dheeraj Yuvraj


Pablo García17

Does anyone know the name of the last song?

Cody Roberts

Wheres Curry my favorite

pedro mazziero

in changai will appear another easter egg in the time wif pac open the door wait 

Jacklin C

ilike the panda hes cute and i know whar he looks like

It will cost you $3.50.

Shadow Wolf

What’s the song towards the end of the trailer

Thump Pumpkin

why not a REMAKE!

Not A cringey name

She left her jumper :(


whats the point of the last one? o.o

Brett Manuel

he will win some day


I’m sorry but this was actually kind of funny


@codmw2isagoodgame lmao that'd suck

Raven Sorrows

I swear Cory has the most feminine scream I've ever heard

On Jah


Woloud Books

This is cool

Hallam Family

Actually took me like a minute to realise this was about sugar not an actual person

Lesan - Veen

Is it me or is Cody the only one that isn't wearing a hat on this OVERTIME Episode?

Wait guy i gotta shoot the lochness monster

Marty Mcnally

4 years ago todayEdit now 4 years and 4 days

Khatija Dhuliawala

We want one more real life trick shot

Victor Frankenstein

Oh LEAH you're so Beautiful!😊❤

Iskra Zekovic

Her: Jared is a sweet redhead boy