IIT Madras Freshies 2018 | Vox Rox

Freshies have arrived at IIT Madras to live the best time of their lives.Here are some found voices of these freshies after coming to the Institute. CreditsEditing:Raj JainKunal KashyapSai TejaAbhijeet SinhaCinematography:Akash BhosaleMani ChandanaAbhinav AzadMeenal KamalakarQuestions:Kaushik ArcotAnuj KhandalikarPrashant JayMeenal KamalakarProduction:Rajas NeveThumbnail:Ajinkya GajbhiyeKunal Kashyap

Ashley Chanel


Whovian Hireath

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Annie Mallet

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Jason Tan

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I always had an idea, not as much a theory, as much as a fanfiction:That King Agnarr had one bastard son, called Robin, about whom everyone knew about (even Anna and Elsa and Idunna) but was fostered and raised in some other castle by one vassal of Arendelle, and identity of his mother is unknown. He is younger than Elsa, but older than Anna. And perfect voice actor and design for him would be-Kit Harington:)

Cory Burns


Em Kay

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Raijin Wolf

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Do you still do your own easter eggs in videos? I couldnt spot any :(

Emiliano Flores

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Twice NaJeongMoSaJiMiDaChaeTzu Twice

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Aiden Milo

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jh domino

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the flipaclip wolf

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T5 Squad

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Rain Escario

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It's actually room 217, but only if you read the book instead of watching that mess of a movie.

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