Jamie Foxx Funny Moments On The Graham Norton Show

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Game of Strike is also in Uncharted 4 in the orphanage.

Slides and Thrill Rides

They flipped a nickle

alduin the dragon

2 things if you live in tennesse come to hunter elementrey for the annuul walkathon and your sibblings will have better meds this year to make cf easier :D

Go Gamer

Tom brady

Georg Gross

Expectation: isolation, white clothes, no social activities, nothing to do. But this explains everything that's going on in my head! Thank you.

theQRCkid37 Scofield

“Have you ever driven a car” to Dale

I was seeing this with headphones

Katryna Cary

just a side note for the viewers ig;

SuperDankTree 9678


Jonah Gould

I am going on a tour with you guys in Chicago


Happy New Year Guru!

Clatere Jules

these 4k dislikes are from haters.

caroline Young


Savannah Hansen

I love Tim McGraw he's awesome I love country music you should do Keith Urban I like how you talked like him and you got too meet Time McGraw that's awesome

Ann Martinez



I want to swim in Gatorade

莊Nono The SuperGamer

Heh heh.. Uhh so... Do New Type for Cannon! (Triple)


5:58 is the best one


A_J_A_X_Xx J

Dear ty,READ THIS OUT LOUDthis is this catThis is is catThis is how catThis is to catThis is keep catThis is an catThis is idiot catThis is busy catThis is for catThis is forty catThis is seconds catNOW GO BACK AND READ THE THIRD WORD IN EACH LINE

 and World of Warcraft  has lots of places with Easter Eggs  to search !!   I hope to read this message and   make more videos when you  have Time  !! 


Every time I'm loving much more the extra things in the end Lol, and the EasterEgg-ception in the video


GTA V is like GTA SA but with much better graphics.

Danielle Kremer


Max Murtagh

You know why they invited you?? Cause they want you to stream more GODDAMN

Steven Gee

3 wins in a row