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Subscribe to our channel, we upload new videos every week! your favourite rhyme by clicking on the title below:-0:08 - Johnny Johnny Yes Papa1:38 - Rain Rain Go Away3:12 - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star5:24 - Old MacDonald Had A Farm7:25 - Five Little Ducks9:06 - Thank You God For The World So Sweet10:37 - Humpty Dumpty12:20 - 1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught A Fish Alive13:49 - A B C D Song15:40 - Wheels On The BusEnjoy Individual Hooray Tv Nursery Rhymes ⦿ Wheels On The Bus: Twinkle Twinkle: ABC Song: 1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught A Fish Alive: Old Mac Donald: BINGO: Humpty Dumpty: HOORAY TV ANTHEM: will be happy to hear from you, so do write your feedback in the comments section or get in touch with us on our social media.Like Us on Facebook: us on Instagram:


Fucking quality video! Ending Easter egg was worth the 8 year wait.

Some bread crumbs

how did you get this story from a 118 year old

Androniki ntina

I didn't understand what was going on on the start... Is it a part 2? I still can't understand

Pranking Plusle

Ninja trick shots

Henry Mejia

Your next one should be soccer

Gina Powell

I’m mr goin for it

Stacie Klossner

You should do football with Antonio Brown

Giselle playz

Um.. what is OCD?

Devaraju Raj

Do cricket

Seth Burke

isn't cody supposed to shoot the frisbee in the little hole?

pikagirl TL

He said he was like a diamond


Why do i ALWAYS feel so relaxed after watching one of Guru's videos?

Heraldo Louis

Oh, Dead Ops Arcade, so awesome!

stardom fan 1991

TKOR can you make a beyblade made of electricity.

ImJasprr ツ

So, How long can you hold your breath?


I dont know if any 1 have mention this but in Boralus and at the distric Hook Point so is the a man call Laurence E.Craft

Zaynab Abdulmatin

Is anybody surprised that Emma does all of this... :/


Thats real dude

FortyTheRapper (DoubleYT)

That frisbee can decapitate heads

Fraser Hepplestone

Isaiah u lucky person I'd love to go somewhere like that

Elton John Is A Proud Lesbian

I watched one of these then fell asleep and woke up to this 9 videos later


The borderlands 2 one was funny

You'd be giving kids a chance at a happy, whole family.


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nomomoto hippopotamus

This is how I see life


"Drunkard Football Edition"


this was my first DP video, i saw it on a miniclip advertthey had less than 1ml subs they've come so far

Alles Gaming

I want to kick this girls in the facking face

Dominic Montey

no comeback2015 -2017


Really liking this type of videos :D

Brian White

Your a awesome group!!!!!!

Gamer Hotpoint

If youlikethis nickname subcribeisgonna be cod

raymond bejar


Shinning BlazeYT

Dude Perpect V.S That's AmazingIf you agree Like my CommentHope you want my Sugestion😂😂😂😂

Zahrah Namaji



How do you find the easter eggs so fast?

Toby Hollingsworth

I bet they will bring back the parents cause they are out of the idea

Jake Essink

on dlc china rising on the map guilin peaks i think in the back of a crashed plane thats in two halves by objective d or e one of the two, there is a fat chinese guy statue its really small but easy to see

tumblrally • why don't we

MY parents work there and I'm like :: bruh I could've gone to work with them