Just watch this Air India Boeing 747-400 Take-off

Quite impressive takeoff by the Boeing 747-400 of our national Airline, Air India. Due to maintenance work near the main taxiway of Mumbai Airport, all the aircrafts got a shortened runway for takeoff. India flights..Watch similar video of Iran Air Boeing 747 short takeoff - similar videos in high quality :Spectacular takeoff from Dubai International Airport (over 9 lakh views) - Arabian Boeing 777 landing and takeoff - Morning Plane Spotting at Mumbai Airport - Airways Boeing 747 Stunning takeoff - Mauritius Airbus A340 takeoff from Mumbai - Sky Cargo Boeing 777 heavy takeoff - Kuwait Airways Boeing 747 screaming on takeoff - other videos in my playlist - to my channel for more.Camera: Sony Hdr Cx-240eVideo © jemi1210

Jordan Kemp

Number 5 was creepy as hell.

Whelp, that's were it goes from plausible to pure speculation: That's where the experiment went wrong. Scientists tricked a super Ditto into trying to copy Mew, then tried to make that form permanent. We can assume that the Ditto, being conscious as demonstrated by the Detective Pikachu movie, wouldn't want to permanently become a flawed Mew, or really, anything other than itself, which would explain why Mewtwo has such a hatred towards humanity.

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time for me to hit the weights!

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Ive always said STRESS is the number one killer. Above obesity, alcoholism, smoking, drug abuse, ect ect. Stress kills.

ـسكارت ム .


jamie ly

Dude you should stream


Jonas Schlör

Awesome music

Ronnell Avila

One word Epic

Jurgita Urbonaviciute

At 0:29 why did it sound like a intervention gunshot?

Ilia Marcev

I dropped a book on my head. Guess I only have myshelf to blame....

Samar Aviles

You go girl

clumsy monkey

I really want to meet you

Alfredo Benítez


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negative 0

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This one made me cry


The reactors need to react to this!

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I need to know what fucking weapons you have in that The Witcher clip, oh ma bajesus dat looks neat.

Me: (Thinking about Memes)


Thats the funniest ending in a long time

Melissa Tamez

The Dallas cowboys of course


2 minutes and 42 seconds do you have to hold X (pickup buttons) to get the EXPcalibur in dying light.

Fernando Benter

hahaha.. the best Guillermo Amigo!!!



Unironically Sick.


Re: your brains is also an easter egg song from the Jutebox. I've never seen the steam one for all the years I've been playing it, cool.

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Headshot unstoppable and when he says its not gonna happen today hahahaha i i hahahahahahahaha

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Elsa's patronus is a horse

Mark Pinkham


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garit is dead

RJK trickshots

I could get all of those in....


Fucking delicious donut

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Hello I am from the future and Germany won and after that france


the force unleashed was still a better jedi game

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Quin Shimamura

Los Angeles US Bank building


@nicholsonal Yeah they do they just don't put it in the video lol


@evolution1081so you cant think well

Acebomb 18

It 2017 for me

* 'Your different mindset' will only last for a little while. But sooner or later, you'll end up in the same hectic position again.

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I love ya panda, always did, always will.

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it looked like it curved

I didn't know what to write

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My little sister has CF, I was pretty young when she was born, only 4, but I still remember her being in the hospital for months before she could come home. I was too young to understand that she was sick, but as we me, her, and our older brother grew up, I started to see all her medication and machines and doctors appointments. She was always a happy kid, and still is. I’m glad that she was born in a time where better treatments and meds are available. We also take a lot of percussions to make sure her lungs stay healthy, so she is pretty healthy for a CF patient. She’s currently trialing a few new medications, which are supposed to help her a lot. She’s currently a happy 12 year old, and still very healthy ❤️