Jyothi Lakshmi - Ninu Chudanga Full Video song - Charmme Kaur, Puri Jagannadh | Puri Sangeet

WatchJyothi Lakshmi Ninu Chudanga Full Video song .Starring Charmme Kaur, Satya.This movie is directed by Puri Jagannadh. Produced by C Kalyan,music composed by Sunil Kashyap.Audio on Puri Sangeet.**************************************************Buy it from iTunes:Buy it from Amazon : it on Saavn : it on Erosnow : it onRdio : All Mobile Downloads SMS "JOL " to 40060Caller Tune Codes : ►Song :Ninu ChudangaAirtel users to set Caller tuneDial 5432114815300Vodafone users to set caller tune Sms 6330999 to 56789Idea Users to set caller tune Sms DT 6330999 to 55456Bsnl Subcribers (West /North) Sms BT 3525100 to 56700Bsnl Subcribers (East/South) Sms Bt 6330999 to 56700Tata Docomo users to set caller tune Sms SET 6330999 to 543211 Aircel Users To set Dialer tune Sms DT 3525100 to 53000Virgin Subcribers Sms DT 6330999 to 58475Mts users to set caller tune Sms CT 878108897 to 55777***********************************************************Song Details : ►Song :Ninu ChudangaMOVIE :JyothiLakshmiSINGER:Hema ChudangaMUSIC DIRECTOR: Sunil KashyapLYRICS: Bhaskara BhatlaMusic Lable : Puri SangeetFor Exclusive Updates :Like us on Facebook : us on G+ : us on Twitter :

Stephanie Yapp

Part 6!!

C Jay

Always the best this guy..

Linda Briley


_Mj_ Reyes671

It said jherd a sweat red hair boy,but he had brown hair in the picture


Aww yea I have Myst and its sequel Riven.

Sommer Winnie Stephen

Yes yes yes please

Dubstep Fortnite

Consuming my “thots.”

papyrus skeleton

Such a beautiful moment

It's LamMenade

at the last one (weeping mannequins) what happens if they catch you?

beef noodles

Bruhhh that okja easter egg blew my fucking mind

Andrei Enachescu

Dude , i love you ffs

Gabrriel Garcia

Yes but minus the hair

Sarah Al akkas

This made me cry 😭 wtf I am not that kind of person but I cried it’s sooo sad

Cassie ,RN

Okay so I really want to know what Kylie uses as white noise in Stormi’s room when she sleeps 💤🙏🏽



KittyGamer101 katgurl

These tips might help me a lot! Thx.

Laura Speller

60 yards

Reinhardt Roets

You look like you are in super saiyan 3

Sammy Mbaka

the most 'American' bunch of guys I could think of.

Jennie Song

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Bolly Ville

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The Avacodoes

I think they try to find their parents bc of what the troll said about finding the truth and about the past,or maybe “now we’re hoping that they’re enough”(Elsa’s powers) means they try to bring her parents back to life

Nasiba Bibi

Iwill always supportTyler


What is the name of the song that starts at 1:18 ?That song is like the best ever