Kaadhodu Thaan Naan Paaduven L.R.Eswari Every Green Song

Sung By: L.R.Eswari, Lyrice: Kannadasan,Music: V.Kumar, Movie: Velli Vizha

Jotham Pidlaoan


Andy Nguyen


Lil skies : do you know plankton ?


Im The Sir Knight of The Knights of The Nine,It Wasent hard to Do,All i had to do is do hard quests,and kill Umiral TWICE. Also im The Mad God,I Beat Juggalag and Juggalag was Sheogorath,But i killed him so now im dadric Prince,and im Champion of Cyrodil. :D

Freaky (Freaky)  i was wondering why the music was so happy...


0:52 did you notice he has a hammer again even though he gave it to the little machine

Shaun McElroy

Tired of ty winning

Maci Makos

Make more please

Evelyn Peralta

Secrets in video games i like this video


3:00 PewDiePie

Hey There

I like how none of the comments are serious :)


And right next to the lets pretend room is a refference to smiledog because it says missing and has a pic of the same dog smiling in a nice way

Honoka Chong

She good at math only while we are bad at more than maths

She fuck with me, she don't fuck with you, yea, woah

Marcos Badim

This is the old dude perfect logo!


Damn, fate is so cruel

Giulio Katinis


Epic Gamer

Dwayne the rock please

5 months early


"we always feared elsa's powers were too much for the world"triggered thanos has left the chat

Powerprick red

i noticed the pc one looks much better

Luna Fluer

They're called MinuteVideos but they ain't only a minute long...

Fer Chío

The commentary, the slow motion, the juxtaposing of putting the outfits on Marbles and him modeling them. The liveliness and tail wagging that comes with him wearing clothes-- this is the best of the best. I can't believe how wholesome, relaxing and happiness-inducing this video is 😭❤️❤️ Wish Marbles the best of the best!

Frank Black

pause at 0:28 there is a giant mouse on the road WTF

Leon Ettey

Lol that is sweet. Cheers lad. U sir have a sub. I have too many fullstops on this comment.

sara l.u.

Better than Globber Throter

Jai Leo

They could make this the theme song of AGT



Tristan Harms

Ty looks like a turkey with his quiver

Jared Flores

My favorite team is the cowboys my boy dak


Also, what's the song in the beginning? It's not in the description :(


Luna star pup

Wow this is a good lesson thanks for telling the world so it could or be a better place