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Parisu(Gift) is a 1963 Tamil language drama film directed by D. Yoganand. The film features M. G. Ramachandran, Savitri and M. R. Radha in lead roles. The film, produced by Gowri Pictures, had musical score by K. V. Mahadevan and was released on 15 November 1963

Its that dang phone

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i'm here thanks to big lebowski

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Time to hit the weights

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Omg same but mines not extreme it's like a minor for me.

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Wait...Hit..Miss..?Hit or Miss?

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Why does anyone care so much what shoes another man wears?

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Ty nice 👍 hat

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If there’s someone in 2019 chuck a like

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I mostly avoidant but also a little anxious.

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R.i.p Sam ;(

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Anwar looks very different 😂

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like if panda should show his face

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I would have lashed out at Alice

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i'm sorry to hear that you are going to quit, i really really enjoyed your videos, also congratulations on 500k subs.

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When they did alle hoop

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This sounds like that iMovie trailer music lolEdit: But I actually really wanna see this lol

Like if you agree !

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You have the best videos😎👍👍👏👏👏🤘🤙



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Finally i waiting for this..

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If you feel bad for Cody or the rage monster like or subscribe dude perfects videos shout out to dude perfect

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You know, as a Canadian, its customary and mandatory to apologize to a Canadian you primal savage.

Me: Wtf

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The Bioshock one is insane. How incredible. One of the best easter eggs in my opinion.

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I call Polo, he come dolo, we get 'em the fast way


It is incredibly funny watching noobs try to fly drones!!!!!


Anyone most excited for the camera thing like I am?

lol who else saw

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water lemon

can u make a top 10 whatever valve games video c;

Anxiety/Depression has joined chat

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does the weedy gonzalez thing happen to be a reference to bordertown


This isn't that hard once you think about it. Throwing it that far would be the toughest part. But I imagine that they through it as far as they could, recorded where it landed, then put the mark at the spot. Repeat until you hit the mark. It'll take some time, but it's possible.

Worn out zones....

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How many throp do all of you have after winning so many sport


My opinion this movie could of been a lot better, I was expecting to see a lot more peoples mind just like they did with the mom and dad and towards the end, I was actually disappointing with movie because there should of been much more of it, anyone agree?

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Who’s watching 2015

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La amo mal ❤❤

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Did anyone see Cody hit Coby when he saluted in the boat when he said he could swim a mile

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did tip die her hair into a lighter colour???

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You should see me in a crown

Aw, para-shoot, I’m done for.

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Who else loves the intro. And can’t stop watching it.me.🤣

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Hey what’s that graffiti

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The creeper also drops a sniper that shoots minecraft arrows with bullet drop

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Vistyk ?

Isnt This A Dope Fish Reference?

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1:30 <--ROFL

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It's great, but why is sugar represented as a woman? I'm tired of seing in films, for example, the devil in a woman shape, as if we were objects trying to make men sin or sth

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Im olso bisexual:3

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Antoine Browy


My Brother says your his fav