Kalarathri 12 Gantallu ( కాళరాత్రి 12 గంటలు ) -Telugu Horror Full Movie \ Kapil Dev Jaya Madhurii

Watch " Kalaratri 12 Ghantalu " Telugu Full LengthHorror Movie Exclsuive Starring : | Kapil Dev Jaya MadhuriiMovie : Kala Rathri 12 GhantaluBanner : Korukonda Jeji Rao Presents, Sri Dhanalakshmi MoviesStar Cast : Kapil Dev, Jayamadhuri, Aarya, Jayarekha, Mala Aravindan, Kabir, Aasha Khan, ShajiPhotography : B.R. RamsEditing : K. ManiDialogues : Jackpot SuryamMusic : Sangeetha RajaChoreography : Madhu, Krishna VeniFights : K.S. MadhavanCostumes : TangaswamyArt : Radha KrishnanCo-producer : K. Prabhakara RaoProducer : Korukonda Varahala RaoStory - Direction : Asha Khan© Santosh Audio & VideoEnjoy Latest Updates on SAV Google Play : Watch Best Horror Movies TeluguMuni Full Movie : Full Movie : Pooja Telugu Horror Movie:Full Movie : Kannemohini Full Movie :Full Movie : Full Movie : Nakshtram Full Movie :Gulabi Full Movie : Full Movie : kannepilla Telugu Horror Movie : Athma Telugu Full Movie HD:Roju Full Movie : Amavasya Full Mopvie : Ratri Full Movie : No 13 Full Movie : Full Movie : Full Movie :

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