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Kahill Tirtadinata


eloisa garciafontes

MY GOD!!! SPEECHLESS, amazing!, what a talented person you are!!! spectacular!!!!!


Pandora Baker

Thanks for reminding me about these movies sceans the first time I Wached these movies I noticed these sceans they got me like😂😂😂😂

Eric Guerrier

Who’s watching this when their more popular

sports king23

face at 139

Baby Lynne

Show off

ian mandoza

3:44 holy shot

Blake Hutch

In the rage monster, ty looks like an angry baby🤣🤣🤣

That's when my thoughts can be dangerous

As Ho

this one beacus i have the gun chef pepe used and both the guns jr used

Rina Mehta


I like this channel

noureddin alkhatib


Vincent B.

Bigger is better !!!!!


No one:

Vicky Alexopoulos

# girl rights

Parker Ross

Make a school stereotypes video

Chester Travers

these guys r all convicted bro rapists


Well there defiantly either really good b ballers. Or QBS with canon arms

Susi 1976


Adam Amaya

Editing on point, as usual. Always makes me super excited when I see a brand new upload! Keep it up, sir!

Jon Bollenbach

I miss the days they actually did difficult things.

Saleela Suwannarak

Texas A&M

Donald's daughter

Didn't he send a car into space or something

WhatGame? you want

fuck the police from the underground

Jay Hamilton

Preach Max!


I got bullied in 4th grade and my parents got me a mcdonalds burger so same thing

Weston's Pharmacy: https://twitter.com/Westons_Pharm Yeah snapface

Turd Nugget

My birthday March 25 I feel left out

Rosann Supino

Thank you for this video. I have BPD and am also bipolar. Everything you mentioned I can relate too. I'm in treatment but it's horrible.

Nikko Gabriel

A wild Vinny appears!


Not too many needles in this haystack? I don't think this game has too much hay in the haystack either.


That is heartbreaking ❤️


LOL it's called anonymous user accounts

The Weirdo

If I Was Him I Would Have Been Like:


damn guru your editing skills are on point


Awesome Job, and the spoiler warning is very much appreciated, eventhough it didn't matter for me :)


stop at 9:20