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Subscribe & Stay connected : Mannan (Tamil: மன்னாதி மன்னன்) is a Tamil language swashbuckler film directed and produced by M. Natesan. The film features M. G. Ramachandran, Anjali Devi and Padmini in lead roles. The film, written by Kannadasan, had musical score by Viswanathan–Ramamoorthy and was released on diwali 1960.The film achieve cult status and remembered for the melodious music, meaningful lyrics and dialogue, the dances by Padmini, Ragini and Anjali Devi and the impressive performance by MGR, and the opening song, ‘Acchham Enbathu' helped MGR become a cultural icon.Though the on-screen presentation by Natesan appears somewhat disjointed, the film sustains interest, managed to run 90 days in theatres and fared well at the box officeDirected by M. NatesanProduced by M. NatesanWritten by KannadasanStory by KannadasanStarring M. G. Ramachandran,Anjali Devi,Padmini,P. S. VeerappaMusic by Viswanathan–RamamoorthyCinematography G. K. Ramu,C. J. MohanEdited by C. P. Jambulingam,S. Krishnamoorthy,RajanProductioncompany Natesh Art PicturesDistributed by Natesh Art PicturesRelease dates 19 October 1960Running time172 minsCountry IndiaLanguage Tamil........................................Subscribe & Stay connected : Stay Tuned with us on :-Google Plus - Film & AnimationLicense : Standard YouTube License

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