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A very melodious duet. Our thanks to Kalaignar TV team.

The boss The dude

Guys do a Carson Wentz andNick Folesedition

yeet fortnite

Is gone home a scary game because I feel like it's very eerie lol


Kookaburra wings are the best thing on the outback menu by leaps and bounds

fu*k you. 420

Peri Productions

I watch thus at the exact camp Sky Ranch in Texas WOOOO

Julius Caesar

FunwithGuru, FunwithGuru, Make another Battlefield 4 easter eggs video because the DLC came out and there are some impresive easter eggs such as a dinosaur roar! LIKE SO GURU CAN SEE PLEASE!

Xrage 420

zabij sie

Reichlin Bates

yes I knew it by its iconic look

Lil' Shorty

1:26 Tyler slapped Broodie's ass....Lol😂😂😂

Owen Backup


Antonio Zarate

limk is not the only one with a cucco problem.

Awesome Andrew

I love you guys and I really hope you can hit 50 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS

Thomas Duncan

Can you do Baseball Trick Shots 2?


you should do cricket trickshots

Lara Croft

Dear Guru, I know how it must feel for someone like you how makes money off of the easter eggs developers put in their games to come back to the sequel to the game that started off your whole channel and see a lack of easter eggs. Please don't be too disheartened by this however as there are plenty of games coming out in the near future for you to look through. In the end, now matter what direction your channel ends up going, we will be there to support you.

EDIT- 6:11 P.M.: finishes video 10 minutes later

Lidya Sheikh

In the description it says where you can you submit your story. I think I’ll do that now. 😂

Matt Conrad

How you compared the games was awesome

Natalia Martinez

My mom keeps telling me I’m being dramatic when i say i have anxiety because i cried when i told her


Jamie Benn is a jerk lets go blues

Puppy Lover


Animesh Sah

Meanwhile me,Hey I did all this shit in my childhoodand never got paid 😢😢😢😢

Bryanna’s boring life

I don’t know how old she is

azaliah mikaella

i hope jack frost will appear in the sequeal.

xd App

2 wheeler

Mister C4

So technically is there money in NK since she got money from the salon

The Cinema Time


Axel Estrada

You act like the NBA


Let it go let it go...

Silvia Waldner

and this is the schip on Batlefield clasic

Andy Tesla

At the beginning of the side op where you have to rescue kojima, in one of the towers, at the very top, there's a moai (easter island giant head)

Feregeto Sebuhinja

I was crying , this story is so sad

HockeyDude Josh11

5:56 it wasn’t his ball that hit the screen it was his club first, and his club was higher then the ball hit and the club also hit the screen harderTherefore Cory should have been disqualified

Her: yes

Chill Bilk

There is one more mini Easter egg in the game, when you're playing the helicopter mission, near the end of the mission, when the helicopter turn around the big round guard tower which is near the entrance of the main base of the map, you can see a Easter island head statue hidden in the guard tower.

Elicia Cuellar

Funwithguru what is your real name

Mohan Nallathambi

Oh man😮 Cody's great at driving🚘


4:25 5:02

Chimuamanda Ejete

This is how exactly my story, I still have to live with my family, I try to get over it but it burns inside. My mother is the only person who cares. I would always have nightmares that I would die if my parents fought again. I am 9 right now...this still touches me. This is such a emotional story. Thank you, Minute Videos.

Baikunth Charan Roul

They are thinking that they were god


You are best

Sgt Z

2018 viewer

Blue_ Muffin

Me while watching the video: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

I know the feeling, you're knowing your vision, but no one listens



Luka Masic

Do you back sharks in the water


Awesome video Guru:)

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ye boi!

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🤔 👍 Good!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩✊

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That PC is hot!


Oh my god, a Naughty Dog game is full of references to naughty dog...

Hans Curry

lets make a ritual😄 to vodoo.the raptors😄 so that they will.lose on game 6 and 7😄😄 joke


This must be the worst day for Lebron


to much respect for this two men ,I am proud

Stijn . B

I missed the spoiler

Awsome video as always!

Team TDD 7