Kannil Kandathellam Song Jaishankar K R Vijaya Pattinathil Bootham

After all he fell backwards and the pod hit the turret.


Where is that


WTF is that thing in DOOM ?? Illuminati ??!!

cs lak

There will beanother day

luis torres


Manjaleigh Martinez

Can you do what's in the box challenge animal verson with Matt and roi

Olivia Chrystal

Anna: I won’t let anything happen to her.Elsa: *Falls into and almost drowns in the ocean* *Getting chased by a gigantic monster that looks like it could potentially kill her*

Kara Varnado

I like your failured



Phil-zkαel Ml

What accuracy

Joel Songco


Sophia Marie Sandoval

Dem eyebrows doh, oh wait, he doesn’t have any

SOKUN Visoth

Why divorce cost money that why she didnt divorce because that dad use the money

Haiden Mattson

there is no pressure in space so there is no sound (OO)

Monet Johnson


Top_Hats_Off _


Willie Lindquist

I hope to see you use that scepter later

Ponyo (the tone and pouring)


xavier maldonado

react to trippie redd

graceful beauty

i have both. I've battled with this all my life.

inspirational music

Kaden Thompson

can you do a slingshot video.p.s . bestshot

Calvin Nethon

I had a dream where my family died. I went to sleep and I had the worst nightmare. I was walking on the street and I saw a group of people standing at my house. I started to panic!!! And I kept asking myself whats happening!? I finally had the guts to run up and push the crowd for me to pass through. I started hearing people saying "hey! Its the son." I tried to look at their faces to who said that but there was no face!!! It was pitch black!!!! I just thought it was the shade making there face look like that. Then I heard my mom scream!!!! I started to push even harder against the crowd. I started tearing and screaming out my mom's name. I rescued the house and my mother was hanging!!! I look in the window and a shadow sliced my sister's head off!!!! I started to scream even louder. I tried to reach my mom, and I couldn't reach. I ran in the house and it got dark. All the lights turned off and I looked out the window and it was at night. I was afraid of the dark. I looked up the hallway and I saw my sister crying! Then my mom walked out of a room and dragged my sister to the dark. I heard my step dad. I ran away from my dad's voice, cus I was scared. I heard my sister scream!!! I yelled even louder!!!!!!!!!! Then I felt someone grab my hand, but I couldn't see them. Like they were invisible. I started to hear someone call my name. Then I woke up, realizing it was a dream!!!!! My mom was holding my hand. I hugged her!!! And said "I miss you!!!"


Nobody:me doing a voiceover un the first part: THERE WAS AN IDEA...

Me: why do you think that

Zentorn B-Hood

Fuckwad xD

Nihal s

Do this in open ground not at top of building....it's dangerous

Nichaell Santiago

Whos watching this in 2018


ty needs to spin the wheel.

Guru Can You Make Some of This Ideas


cool animation but if elsa doesn't get a girlfriend im rioting

Gulag_ Kid*

Allright cool i dont really need to know that you dont shower for a week but ok

Ka Wrss

Clicking play: waves, ok. annoyed woman look while wrapping hair and then a sigh like '' you have to do anything YOURSELF these days!'' look.Woman can make ice but can run on it with no cold issues, and runs into a big wave and falls into the water.....ok......under water water horse......*rolls eyes*....''the past is not what it seems'' because you know, cant just make another story, has to be a hidden repressed memory story.....bad arse ice powers that made a castle and made life is put up to mountain sized trolls. Ug...... mabey itll be good. I hate the singing shit tho.

My name is shufaufka And my dad knows god

Falling from that far up hitting the water would make the impact so bad it’s basically like hitting concrete

Clayton McCollom

there's always those assholes that are just like. "Fake, they use magnets and shit" like really? like how fucking ignorant can you be?? anyway, great job guys. love yall

*this conversation also went on in my head XD

Heatrix2423 Firezone

i am knighting sir easter egg XD

Myles Casey

Why make original movies any more, when we can make money!?


I'm here just for the music 🔥

Lol why XD

What would you do if you have 6 months to live Reply to tell me what you would do

Josh Creepa

How was shooting the teeth hard???

Gibby ,

Reminds me of Naruto lmao


Kim Kardashian Ugly crying


Addison Murphy

You are the best YouTube or’s ever

john smith



Yall know distrubting child pornagrophy is illegal right? Even tho she's also a minor that means she's sort of a sex offender..