Karma Dance World Records Official 10 Min. Video Jamboree 2017 Chhattisgarh INDIA

Concept - SHRI GAJENDRA YADAV state chief commissioner The Bharat Scouts & Guides Chhattisgarh Song - karma kuhuki gabo Artist - from The bharat scouts and guides chhattisgarh india Singer - Sanjay Surila Lyrics- Vijay sing Damali Music -Parvez Khan Camera Man -OM Studio Durg Choreographer- SUNIL TIWARI Editor - Tilak Raja Recording -karizma studio Recordist -parvez khan Production - Anmol Production Producer - The bharat scouts and guides chhattisgarh Director - SUNIL TIWARIअऊ नवा नवा गीत देखे बर हमर सी जी फोक चैनेल ला सब्सक्राइब करव।More Folk Song Subscribe The Channel -


How many weeks is this?


number 7 was funny

elsie joo

I wish i had friends this lit 😭

wasabi snail

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matienzo Kit

Me: 1:54 oops... I bet my mom din't see that or the security camera 😤😧

Anne Gerbek

I feel like I'm the rage monster in most situations

Nehir Akın

This trailer is even more confusing and mysterious than Endgame's.


Hey guru. Here's my question. Where are you from (country). And if you are not from the UK then do you know that you don't sound British at all?

One Piece

they think they are doing something special in fact they aren't

Brandon Hovencamp

Why do they have so many pizzas

katona Mckay

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Susan Tube

Didn’t you already upload this dude?

Depressed And LoNlie

*somebody walks by her without saying hi*

baldis basic

4:21 juggling josh was also there

Maverick Sponsel

Wow Ty is hilarious

OllyG Gordon

Ken block inspiration I bet

D Smith


Brandon and Angel


Kreep RBLX

They are adding the Pizza Planet truck in these movies for an Easter egg for the new movie toy story 4. Look it up its coming sometime between 2017-2020

Caden Chance

It’s crazy when he said I go every Easter and the day I saw this it was Easter 🐣


i am not a hero... But it’s when they don’t come LEGALLY is where I get a little mad

Swirling Fizz



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Olivia Tedder

Lisen you had every right to call the police and i'm happy you and your little sisters are ok

Tobias Rådberg

Can you guys do an bird box trickshots

Haris Huzaifah



He lost his WEDDING RING 😂😂

Toxic Narwhals

Give Elsa a GF 20BiTeen


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The Kojima cameo was in the air.


If there’s no plungers at the store this video explains it.

Antonia Papageorge

Actually pewdiepie has 96M and T-series has 101M


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Kevin Skaggs

So is it a true next-gen console, or just a similar Xbox One project Scorpio with different components?

jonathon greenwell

These are way over hyped


the first train heist movie thing, how's it called?

Malka Malksa

did y’all ever EVER realize that every video of theirs are the same exact voices ?? none of this is true it’s made up

Jamie Alexander

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KeelSteel 13

Every dislike is every Pokémon fan you offended

Beast- Brawl Stars

21 bounces

Assuming this story is even true, that man was not a psychopath, but rather someone with one or more completely different conditions.

Gavin Benge

Do more baseball stuff

(This message is for all the CoD-Fanboys out there. Get more experience in life and gaming before saying CoD is the best game ever.)

Émile Deslauriers1

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Harry Potter in here- iconic

Monica Amador

Why dose garret always say "according to my calculations"


Punters people to


Am I the only one who hears the round start sound at the start of this trailer?


OMG I remember when i play does Game with rotate texture old Times :')

Dewa Setiawan

Aku dari indonesia aku sangat senag melihat vidio dP semoga sukses dp