LA CALDERA ESTROPEADA (Broma telefónica)

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OMG i loveeed this too much!! Is perfect!!! :D Great Job guru. Greetings from argentina again :DDDD

Sagittarius Warrior

i stopped using social media since 2016 and i dumped my smartphone for a nokia cellphone. to be honest, life feels more peaceful.

nadav egulsky

Holy shit you scared me, I love your vids i don't want u to stop uploading lol

Party Gamingz

Honestly I'm conflicted as I think lgbtq should be supported and stuff and I support it. But I don't think she should have been bullied this badly like this. Also her friend that asked probably wanted to come out but found out she didn't agree and prob got mad which is why she told everyone, just a guess tho

Zachary Ziroll

the mojo blaster😂😂💀

Jack Oravec

I love all of you!! You guys are awesome!!

Smol Burrito

Am going to the Dominican republic in A plane with my mom so..

Gavin Lewis

I shared and am a subscriber

AngryGay TM

Heh try having a parent who blames it all on your Adhd, Adhd medication, or just straight up call you a Hypochondriac


My life is over. I can’t eat McDonald’s anymore I’m on a diet

Ognjen Jankovic

Do this with Novak Djokovic. He is the best teniser in the world

Jake Melvin

Whos here in june 2018

Jonathan Gilliam

in the sr4 one is ur character supposed to be old gregg? XD

having baby different than you expected? Describe a typical day at home during the first


Hey this is awesome, but look up "tullsontrickshots" to see 33 sweet shots that are very similar.

Edgar Castro

way ty

Strike 8

I kindoff think the world recerd isn’t that hard

Michael Cosaboom

2017 :D


this is BAMF. best one of the tyreke shots.