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jane jelly caluag

Hello! I saw the Philippine Flag back in the drawing, as a Filipino, I would K I N D L Y point out that the flag was drawn on the wrong way. For us Filipinos,it is disrespect to the flag, I dont want beef nor drama with minuet vids just want to K I N D L Y point out

Dorthe Sommer

ha look at the cup r. i. p phone 0:35

mordor gaming sk

Pewdiepie vs T-series

Luka Seven

Dildo weapon :|

please sub :(

Joanne Oliver

Awww gutted for you xx

ChloJo _

I don’t get it...

Tiffany B.

I'm so f*cking happy for you guys, I got emotional listening to this. Good luck with everything

Awkward ASL

Everyone: Here I am today....



Emma Lindsey

grayson in target is my absolute favorite thing 😂

In DAF, that woman was a contact who had info on where Blofed was so f**k her, she was technically a baddie.

Suga in my cup of tea

I thought his hair was black

Madison Grant

I thought the dad was going to be like


I found the doom 3 easter egg by accident once o.o

Awesome Cayce's

Let’s go sc

King Chizel

Like Mario kart battle mode

Tristan Clarke-Bruce

Empire State Building

Jassmine Marin

You should take it back the panther to the store for a prank


Gotta love the game, but I've bought the level editor and there's no way to actually get into it - also there's no support for hardware buttons (back for instance)

Yash Pathak

Hi to low

Egg Egg

Whatever happened to James Buscher


You should do airplane stereotypes

Kewl pony

You guys should adopt a baby


I was really expecting a walking dead reference for number ten. 


I love the not clickbait content ^^

Jekhi Gaming

I’m pretty sure we all agree that we need some sorta webcomic from Jaiden

Judy Elsayed

The title of this vid is wrong

Deiwid Wisz

rockstar games is better


Battlefield Hardline was better than Ghosts by a long shot

Mindie's art

I notice that a lot of these stories take place in Thailand...huh


Just punch the mother in the face while she was dragging her away


She’s eight and has a phone!!


This is soo wrong he destroyed soo many lives just for his own satisfaction...he didn't even think of his own Frickin child... If I was that wife I would NEVER go back to him


I was hoping for a crash bandicoot easter egg. Naughty Dog did you forget your past?

Steve Jobs

Anyone watching in 2019???


9:53 you dont have you shoot the pipes just stand next to them till he says hello

Kristian Rodrigues

I do