Lary Over - Eh Eh Oh [El Wason BB]

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Karlo OS



Like if you cried when Wilson floated away

Devaansh Shah

that is so kind of u all to go to these small kids in africa

Mom: It’s because your always on that phone.

BumbleBee15 YT

You guys saw Godzilla 2014 in the movies?!? Lucky!!! I love tat movie

Ruchi Aggarwal Aggarwal

Cycle stunt plz

Hockey Man

You should get Toto toilets

Daniel Jerome

Where's my cookie for subscribing?


You just don't shoot rats, those are one of those things you don't do because be warned they shoot back, lol

vipin sah

I am a boy and I am so happy that I am a boy but the saddest thing of my life is I am a gay 😑😔

Angela Edwards

Guess what? If I jumped some other country's border and set up shop in their country illegally, I'd get deported too !! How is what you're doing fair to the people who did things the right way?


💡 Idea for Kermit’s 9th bday.....ignore Kermit for 9 hours 😑

Fire rose Night

I can say " oh I know how it is " or " you poor thing~"


why was the poppy flower thing so bad?

I have nice parents he has nice parents too

Johan Larsson

They have eachothers watches?!

ChR61 Drilled

Is this the right door?

Sleepy Lamb

I can't get a phone until I go to college or get a job to buy my own

Emirhan Şensoy

İşi biliyorlar


You Do an awesome job on youtube I hope your youtube channel gets lots more attention Cause you deserve it.

Catherine Chaar



hit backboard, not

Went through the pain, now I'm lettin' loose


I'm a psychiatrist too.


What's CoD Finest Hour?

Benjamin Swiss

0:38 italian dialect (probably a south one)


Sooooo thats how ponies make rainbows?

Yeah Me23


Jacob Chu

Appleton Wisconsin

HECU James

Come upstairs, let's play our secret game

theonlykatarina/ Dont Ban My Kata

Is there a full recipe for an average sized version?

Gamergirlworld9 The savage girl

How could someone call someone ugly right up to their face!? How rude!!):<

xiaona wei

WOW. Where can I buy your book in China??




Is this how King Crimson works ?

Charmaine CHAN

what did the foster dad do to her?


John cena

Taroto 123

Thisis how many views this video will get👇🏻