La torta fredda allo yogurt e ananas si è rovesciata e ne è uscito un dolce golosissimo!!!

La Torta fredda rovesciata allo yogurt e ananas un dolce fresco , non bisogna accendere il forno e conquisterà tutti al primo assaggio.Una variante del classico dolce da forno rovesciato alla frutta , questa volta pero’ ho voluto provarlo freddo, adoro il connubio ananas e yogurt perchè non provarlo in un dolce?Ingredienti biscotti integrali (tipo digestive o cio che avanza in cucina ) 250 g Margarina vegetale 80 g Yogurt magro (o all’ananas ) 500 g Formaggio fresco (sostituibile o dimezzare con ricotta o mascarpone ) 400 g Zucchero di canna (facoltativo, dipende dai gusti e dalla dolcezza della farcia) 100 g Gelatina (oppure 5 cucchiai di miele ) 9 g

Vishva Bhatt

It's such mind blowing concept.

Josh Armstrong

you guys should do birthday cakes or those model wood ships next!!!


Fuck Tyler

Souls Official

If you stare at the "Destiny Awaits" poster, something cool happens related to the easter egg.

Steve Georgilis

Don't cut down trees



I have no clue Idk

A:) ;) :/

don't take this as an offense im not a person in the XIX century

Damian Cortes

How do you join?

Jared Morrow




Yubi K.

I wish I could meet a girl that was cool with me having ASD in the future. That would awesome.


Brother: Let's play our secret game

MSmigs11 Smigelski

No ads? Yaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Quaid Daugherty


Lilianna B

Anyone else think they’re gonna find their missing parents?

Joshan Tanallon

those disgusting cancer sticks

We are looking for statements and we will inform you soon.

Mason Springer


Celeste Reed

I live in Australia and I want dp to try afl(Australian football) I think it will be really funny

Jenny zegamer

Wow, I love when she asks about the phone, and if you look down on the phone screen, it says 'weirdo detected'

Chembo Lester

60 yards


That helmet is probably worth about $3 today



merel michiels

wow im proud of you off telling it live ur life :(

xhorxhi ceka

Im sorry f I rodit rong

2.why did you want to make easter egg video Not everybody can save everyone just for free


Is it me or the teleporter thing refferences the saints row 4 teleport thing?

Sarah Dight

Team necklace


It was a tie

Grace Barden

Everybody here saying that "they'd slap their parents" or "they'd shoot their parents" if this ever happened. It's not always as easy as it sounds to stand up to them. Parents have ways to make you feel badly about yourself; ways to blackmail and manipulate you that no other person has access to. I admire anyone who has that amount of strength to stand up to their parents.

Jerale Goh

Being ugly is not a bad thing only being bullies

Well, hellø there, felløw human!

I'm an introvert and this video is so relatable apart from the fact that I don't have any damn friends to invite me anywhere😂



Headland Elementary

i love your shots please do more

Mary Byrd

My grandma lost her very first child and my cousin just lost one so I understand but my cousin still has her husband to support her through the pain

Modesayo Bilewu

are those people from the charleston church shooting


I hate the SpongeBob nose ones everyone mentions because that's just trying too hard to get a joke that isn't there. The rest though were hilarious!!!!

1. Murder

Nate Williams


GreTV Yap

Education is a human right for everyone.

reico graves

LMFAO that vine at the end is my favorite

DKN_ Ch0c

Scarab gun looks like star lord's gun