latte condensato

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Sebashbag Miller

Cool but almost eerie in a way lol, like these things could very possibly exist in real life. I like Easter eggs.


You guys should do salt water fishing stereotypes


Person: Homophobe!

Jordin 1660


O k A y ,T h E n

This is so inspirational I love it ♥️.

isaac daniel

Ew ew ewwww gosh I feel so sad for kids who have to face this kinda reality

Anthony Ayala


I hate T-Series

This video was posted on my BD is 8 April 2006And this was posted on 8 April 2009I was 3 years old

I don’t care if you don’t care




Don't you dare running out of eater eggs ;)

It’s a secret cap *

Nice try vegans.


Well, I made a napkin ball into a cup from 6ft away today at work... After like 50 tries. Can we collab?

Mike Teal

My mom turned into a monster when I didn't clean my room.

Nipsey Hussle

“I’ll suck u dry” BIG pause 😂

Trey Evans

don't scare me like that ever again.

Sabrina Beaudoin

Wow... :o <3

AquaticReign 55

They didn’t run at goal line lmao

Camila Nicolle Flores Coronado



Achievement UNLOCK " Longest SHOT"


Sharfunnessa Khan

My father loves our family and has worked really hard for it!


swinging air attack

How_ _lovely

Does anyone else still wanna have a kid but without the pain?!?

Gunasekaran Gunasekaran



john is a horny boi

Migraine Mezzo

As I was watching this, I was totally like, yeah, I’m totally a secure type, my parents love me and never failed to let me know, but then I slowly started to realize that I was actually an anxious type. There’s this guy I like and I would always try to spend every second I could with him, to the point where I forced myself to not talk to him or text him at times to avoid looking annoying. He ignored me for a whole week once, and every second of every day I just wanted to ask him what I did wrong and why he was doing this to me, but then the Friday of that week, I decided to confront him about it, but then he talked to me after school like nothing was wrong. I knew I should’ve asked him about it, but I was too happy to have him actually talking to me again. After that, I went home and cried.




Since my road is a hill, it was like a waterfall in sandy.

Esperanza Gamez Bastidas


Maeve Maushard

Why did they bleep bullied?

Pushpa Galaiya

Lee Chong wee


Well, I stand up to A LOT of Villains but I guess I do have wish power. But btw good job!


who watch this 2017 ?


Watching in 2015

Aiden Berggren

TEAM COBY ALWAYS AND FOREVER (b/c Tyler is a liar)

kashan haider

this song is nice