Learn All About The State Of Chhattisgarh - Summary of Indian States For UPSC Aspirants

Chhattisgarh is a heavily forested state in central India known for its temples and waterfalls. Near the capital Raipur, the town of Sirpur on the Mahanadi River is home to the red-brick Lakshmana (Laxman) Temple, decorated with carvings from Indian mythology. In the south, the city of Jagdalpur hosts the Sanjay Market on Sundays, a bartering place for local tribes. The huge Chitrakoot Falls lie to the northwest.In this lesson we learn about the state of Chhattisgarh. Important for geography section. Must watch for all UPSC CSE aspirants.You can find the entire course here: the Unacademy Learning App from the Google Play Store here:- Discuss the course with fellow aspirants here:-


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