Living Carefree - A Meditation with Deepak Chopra

In this guided meditation Deepak Chopra shares how to live carefree. Join our 8-Week Happiness Series: Center Live Events: @chopracenterBlog:

Milky Amazing

My brother and dad both have it its hard im glad u got through it

Aj Blaze

Can you hookup a microphone to a speaker and then put the speaker infront of the microphone

Mr Irrelevant

onotice when he say''dud perfect cowboys statium'' he misses the first shot

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OOOOH so it’s people with periods

Nischay Singh Attri

Why did you cut tree?😶


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Adolf Shitler

Wait lilyth isn't a siren anymore? Is it because the minority died in borderlands 2? Do black people have that power now?

Basketball king

how will ever win

Scarred Violet


Austin Thomas

next video should be trick shots at century link stadium

Dubbs Dubbs

This won’t be a princess movie

Licy Wright

Blow up lots of things at once

Great job Rudy!

Roz Christopherson

The pilot must’ve known he was in trouble and didn’t want to crash down onto the streets and kill or injure others. RIP 🙏✝️

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