Lunch time facial for a Glowing Skin

Derma facial or the lunch time facial is your quick n natural way for a bright glowing soften shiny face . This is customised specifically for your skin type and is especially recommended for sensitive skins such as mine . In this video Dr Bhairavi takes us through the steps involved in a Derma facial .Watch the video fully for there is a prize awaiting you!CheersRamyaFollow Me in Twitter - @ FB - @ - - ram_subIn Association with Divo

Boss Dev

0:38 WHo is that kid ??

Yee69 Yee69

So are we just gonna ignore the part when he jumped on the car instead of trying to stop it???

Sans Gaming

Congrats Coby


play in pc?

Coda Golan

I think Germany will win the 2014 world cup😏

Jr Maldonado

You should make the most expensive sandwich or try it it is in newyork to the restaurant

fatmanboi fatmanmelon

Girl:born early

Bobby Fresh

2019 anyone

Seth Struble

The past few videos I’ve watched, Garrett has won.

Tishanth Manoharan



You sound a bit depressed at the end, could be just me though. Still a great idea having easter eggs in your vids. Great job as always.


What's the game with John Cena called

AsianKidKyle OOF

I feel bad Kim Jong Un should nuke himself



Lawrence McGarry

Garret lookslike Vincentnot

He already is in smash ultimate

Karina Wang

Cuz we are dumb lol

Lord Lamborgini

I love ❤️ this groupI’m in love 😍 with this group