Madhurai Veeran movie part 10

TO BUY THIS MOVIE IN DVD CLICK ON THE LINK BELOWFollow Us - Us - No.703,Anna Salai,Chennai-600002.Phone-044-28297564,044-28297175Movie :Madurai VeeranDirected byD. YoganandProduced byLetchumanan ChettiarWrittenbyKannadasanStarringM. G. Ramachandran P. Bhanumathi Padmini N. S. Krishnan T. A. Madhuram E. V. Saroja T. S. Balaiah O. A. K. Thevar Sando M. M. A. Chinnappa Thevar T. K. RamachandranMusic byG. RamanathanDistributed byKrishna PicturesReleasedates13 April 1956Madurai Veeran (Tamil: மதுரை வீரன்) is a 1956 Tamil film directed by D. Yoganand, starring M. G. Ramachandran, P. Bhanumathi and Padmini. The film was released on 13 April 1956 and completed a 100-days-run at all the theatres it was screened at.The legend of Madurai Veeran has been passed on over centuries, forming a vibrant part of the rich south indian folklore. He is deified and worshipped with awe and devotion to this day in several southern districts. It was a resounding success, celebrating a silver jubilee run in many centers.It is the remake of 1939 movie Madurai Veeran by Raju Films where T. P. Rajalakshmi had written, produced and acted. V. A. Chellappa played the title role.

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