Mahaa Murthy Satire Saying Vishnu Vardhan Reddy Will Run Away From Live Debate |#PrimeTimeWithMurthy

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Supercell missed a hacker. He used 1 barbarian to attack a base literally across the ocean.

Juan Carbone

hey guys i would like if you all could watch me most recent video that i posted and hand me your feedback thanks

anime lover

ahhhhhh I love these series

BeHiina !

I stood up tp my bully

ikrilah khoerunnisa


Simon Brazier

you guys are so cool

dog lover ava



wait so he broke up with her or

Ken F

loved that POTATO RICER

Devi Prabhu

how much is the airplane


I think you should take the empty suitcase show overseas to Europe! :D

Chris G

At 3:50 its a 8 corse and 8 is my lucky Number


I'm literally in a a small corner that I label "intervert club" I'm the only intervert in my family. No body can bug me. I'm a big intervert.

Sewn with love By brianna

Mohamed ali

Mai Chan

I'm 12, but if I were an adult tryna support a family and my boyfriend kept drinking, I'd be like "Nice knowing ya boo boo! Now get the fuck out!"

Taimoor Khawaja

you guys should also do NERF SREREOTYPES

Eurogamer 10/10

mikayla kihara

team coby !


The Word Yes Made Me A Average Person In United States

mr player

aim bot of real life


Coby and Cory was great at archery Team twinVictory long shot


Brian Vallecillo

I have an idea for wheel unfortunate for the last one what about the question on that could be pick another person

Petter A

Aftermath was a pretty boring DLC in my opinion. I hope The End Game will be better

Buttery Weiner

This game is full of so many Easter eggs. I cant wait till they launch a mgs for the ps4 it's going to be deep