maic raipur


angelina martinez

awwww when ethan was like can you bite it out and emma was like maybe

Clayton Burridge

do not change your channel at all please

Monkey Jr.

Anybody else watching this in 2018?

(One thought away)

rachel lopez


Me!! uhh or what the vid said could be correct too

Obersturmbannführer Kross

I can’t be the only one to notice that Arthur Morgan’s hat was like everywhere in that game right?

Awakened Bahamut

Smashing a diamond with a hammer is not hard. Despite the fact that a diamond is hard, its crystal structure is not very robust.

James White

Dude perfect has the best Chrik shots ever

Jose Leon

Does any one else notice that they are the charcters from Futurama 10:00 


if she says safer on the streets one more time im going to shove the world up her a-

Fer 27

Finally! I’ve been told repetitive times to not help others in danger because I should not get involved but I can I just stand there and watch someone else be a tad while I stand around and just watch. I’m surprised I have not gotten my ass looked yet but I sure have helped a lot of people from danger.

Skatechump 43

I don't see slender man when I was playing


Looking For People To Play With On Borderlands 2 On Xbox 360

josh Armstrong

Has anyone noticed how red his eyes are @1:03

Adrian Gonzalez

What is your favorite shot?

Vamsi Vardhan

Congrats Garrett

Arctic wolf

I been throw something like dis but it was not me it was my step mother. so she started to feel pain and its was A LOT OF PAIN so she when to the doc and the baby was dead... my hafe brother/sister was dead I was so happy to meet he/she when they where born. but now my step mom has a baby boy in her! so im so happy im gonna have a baby hafe brother!!!

Bartosz Rzepkoswki


Michael Obasuyi

Hey dude perfect

Clark Griffin

(I know I am watching in 2017) Is anyone watching this in 2019-2020?

most 14 stressed moments of my parents lives.

Crusader Of the internet

The parents and therapist should get beaten and shot


Or the PERKACOLA Easter egg in metro

"This game is dope as fuck dude"

Арина Лукьянова

Keanu Reeves: that man, he is the most colossal...

Hannah Lucas


Carl Muldong

Since when did they became the slow mo guys

I lost my mom almost about 2 years ago to cancer. Its still an open wound for me cause it was around my birthday.