Manasu Mamata |21st June 2019 | Full Episode No 2627 | ETV Telugu

This drama series revolves around loyalty, friendship and economic differences that arise between the two friends and their respective families.

3dgar 7eandro

8 years ago but still fun😂😂👌🏻👌🏻

delano wynter

Like👍 if you want this song on your playlist

Nicole 7

why does this remind me of the the kdrama she was pretty?

going meltech zen

Why does anwar look perfect

Glenn Maniulit

Ride a train for no reason

Louis-Mathieu Perrault


Tarra Raby

This is so great i love this series. Also your hair looks amazing in this vid :)

Just A Cabbage

OMG look at garrets face at 1:37!😂😂😂

Al Wig

You guys should do last to fall


i feel like ty is hacking all the time


Heidi Schutte

I was so happy when she said her boyfriend had red hair!!!

Michael Dickinson

the MW3 one isnt so much as scary as it was sad.

Minecraft reference? I think not!

EpicFox YT

Do a How Long Can You Watch!!!

Jared Morrow


MV 96

That looks like demise of skyward sword

Ashley Arts

I have a weird feeling you like jadien hmm...


How's that cute litte Kappa creepy, I mean Nintendo has used it a lot, they are the original inspiration for the Koopas, and then there's Kapp'n from Animal Crossing

49%-Lol his hair changed from black to brown

Family World Channel

money cant buy happiness

But why'd you call your Channle Guru?

Star Scraper

Well yo mom is sexist

Angel Chan

Wow, that’s amazing, I love this video and in general all your videos 😁💕

Alexandra Adams

har rah har

Awesome Sparkle

I sometimes don’t get my period for months but today I got it , I know that later my period would not return for at least three months.

DaShi1sOut KPopMultifandom

This is like a K-Drama lmao 😂


What are your personal favourite Youtubers?


Fake trailer. I already saw the first trailer for Frozen 2 at the end of Ralph Breaks The Internet, and the whole thing was just Ralph singing like Rick Astley.

Karen The Asshole

Seriously? Taking down a tree for a video?


The dog might be just a part of your life, but to the dog you are its whole world.

Dudley Morton

Check out Bruh Flawless for worlds longest "nothing but net" shot! Awesome!