Math Antics - Adding Mixed Numbers

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Vash theStampede

Smiley Dog.jpg 6:27

racquel marriott

I'm not sure if he was pressured by the Warriors staff to come back but we saw how that worked out for the Spurs. Now Durant will have a legitimate reason to leave.

And I'm bl

krydur W

aww cool i want one of those bunny-piggy looking things lol

Lego Artist

You forgot the speeder


Whos watching in 2017



Bernard's Channel

Thank you for having Muslim representation.

John Mcowse

3:45 she says 5 but there's 4

Bruno Silva

Thanks for your dedication and your fine work, man! You made my 2017 less of a shitty year than it already was!


İ miss James 🥺

Sniper Viper

The american dude perfect warrior

Ryan Richters


Murtaza Aliasgher

Team red 🔴 will win

Nathalie_ Rho

Lime if You are in 2017😋

Marwa Helaly

I just got 32 in the iPhone game endless ducker

bella kester

a dunno no one probably

oreo rosas

They keeped on trying

All RockStar

The Zombie Army one was really cool, is that game good?

BerserkerBlade 900

92 ND!

shimura nana

well,watching a day in her life


Dude. That's some fucking accuracy.

Arkan MuziCアルカン

This video is fake too...

Awho Chen

Your voice. This music. Ooh. It's indescribable!

Big C Kids

Do more sports with consequences

Anaru Hobson

I have never watched a video on a angle so much

Mary B


Adolf Hitler

Wow these Easter Eggs are better than Horror games