M. Balamurali Krishna - Shree Lalitha Sahasranamam - Full

M. Balamurali Krishana, the Sangeetha Samrat of Carnatic Music starts his singing at the age of six is the legendary musician of Carnatic Music world. He is the Srishtikartha of a new raaga 'Mahathi' with four Swarasthanams itself shows his prowess in the Sastiya Sangeetham. Balamurali Krishna the fourth generation of the direct desciple of Saint Sri Thiyagaraja is the holder of so many awards. Twice National Awardee, Sangeettha Kalanidhi Sangeetha Samrat and so may in his cap. This legend is not only a specialist in Vocal, also versatile in playing classical instruments Flute, Veena, Violing and mridangam. Balamurali continued his singing till his last moment. He sung in his own style and even created a new style of Balamurali. He is no more and his soul rested in peace on 22nd November 2016.HUMBLE HOMAGE FOR THE LEGEND.ORU NAAL PODHUMA Balamuraliyin Pugazh Paada ORU NAAL PODHUMA


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