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Every other person: That is so sad,

Arcanine 96

How dare you do that to Coby Ty

Desiree Mathews

Fire! 🔥


This is how you know for sure who was real in Nipsey's life. You don't see Cowboy in this video. And most importantly, family approved with Samantha's cameo! TMC

Lucas vlogs and gaming




Musa Butt

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Caiden Mitchell

Me and my parents

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matt: no stop. nono! Tanner, dont put it on with that in it!


Typical heli operator.


Hi I love y'all

Stefie • Gacha

I wish they could detect exactly when you give birth, so you can get the medication before any pain starts!

Gwendolyn Van Looijen

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Also: where's the Stan Lee cameo?

Paty L

Aww you’re dog sounds like the cutest thing ever🐶

answer that..

if u shoot all the manequins arms in 2 min they will chase u from ur blind spot


To me, the Hitman 2 Easter Egg is THE definition of an Easter Egg. That was surprisingly hilarious 😂


Neither was I, but here's where I read it;

Quallentina Knievel

Why do all introverts have a friend that always check up on them or calls them? What's even the point with having a friend when they never want to meat up with you lol


Truly a CLASSIC 💛✨

Rudra Rajput

I think😕😕 there is some editing by them

Buckminster Graf

The longest successful basketball shot measured 34.29 m (112 ft 6 in) and was achieved by Elan Buller (USA) in Oak Park, California, USA, on 9 September 2014.


Can't wait for the TWICELIGHT.

Xavier Rose

Imagine a star wars game with the cutting mechanics of the afro samurai game. Why has no one done this yet?

Flying Pusheen

4:26 sounds like a Dementor.......

Awesome Asher

Am I first to comment



Harsh Agarwal

shoes battle


Aaron Rodgers = goat

Rebecca Elliott

Loved the cheer for fleabag!

jacob Robinette

A chim un pinnara i kangsan Ungum e chawondo kaduk han samcholli arumdaun nae choguk Panmanyon oraen ryoksae challan han munhwa ro charanan sulgiroun inmin ui ii yonggwang momgwa mam ta pach yo i choson kiri pattuse chalse

Keith Ryan

Is it in Canada?

Bay Boy Den

Am I the only one that's never seen a James Bond movie?

Seppy Doom

Not to be rude, but it is a reference to a thought process called Schrodinger's cat. I think. And Bioshock Infinite wasn't out while Bioshock was released.

Kenny Lee Combs

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Frozen 2 is getting more and more mysterious

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What did you do to leave your fooster parents?

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