Mixing CANDY in Pool with Learn Colors Construction Vehicles and Assembling Pretend Play for Kids

#MonsterTruck #LearnColors #ConstructionVehicleHello Friend, I am Monster Truck!Let's take a surprise slide today.The monster trucks are going to ride the slides.There are fruits under the slide.Let's change the wheels of the monster trucks with that fruit.Let's meet again in the next video!Monster Truck is a unique learning channel that teaches color to your Children!Don't forget to Subscribe & Like :)More Video:


The horse on the trailer reminds me of Pitch black's horse in Rise of the guardians


Tanzanian Prince

I would be so happy if I got an A-

The Spa guy


ethan's lingering hand on emma's back at 17:20 gave ME butterflies jeez.


Aimbot :)

Toxic and salty aren’t insults Change my mind

Moral of the story

Aaron Collaro

Do some with WWE

Fredy wap

Nice intro

Vipe GamingYT


Kenneth Hunter

'Dis game gon' be da shizz!

Black Dean

Dis Song Fye Asf


When she Said the 10 things.. she described my dad..😳😬🙈

Tony Call

Be careful don't choke

donny green

What's funny is mewtwos tail is more of a ditto colour and the main difference in the mewtwo mega evolutions is the placement of the tail


The bio says we BECOMED her! 😂 It’s BECAME! 😂



Bear Mazzitelli

my cats hacked roblox by jumping on my computer and hitting random keys XD

Dreamy Angel

I love that he gets emotional at the end, that applause was well deserved! James is really a great performer! (And that last note WOW) Bravo!

Rahul Naskar

0:28 Thor and Captain America!

Shel Rae

Reveal of panda

Niifio Addy

purple hoser all the way

Yoseph Hamid

Guru how long does it take you to find these easter eggs

Beth Covalt

Cody might win


What is the first Easter egg?

Nickalus Narducci

I think you guys should do a trick shot video with Julian edleman

Sofia Souza

So sad

I love how mad max is literally just a pipe in the ground on fire

Cla Otto



The colours are so stunning! ❤


why is there a cow between 1:39 and 1:48?

Gabriela Becker


senquez bradley

overall finals??? he just scored 47!!! and won game 2 after klay went out!

Anne Burkley

airsoft balloon battle part 2

Thank you very much for the warning each time a jump scare popped up. I like to enjoy my videos without having to worry about my ears bleeding from sudden volume spikes.


there are a loooooooooooot of eastereggs in this game referring to the movies back in the 80s, the only reason y this is my favorite game

The Lion

Nobody here has even played infinite warfare, the game looks good. The missions look somewhat like the modern warfare missions, just in the future...the world isnt what it used to be and neither should a video game...COD is trying to give you whiny bitches a different game every year. Some of you just love to bitch. Give the damn game a chance. COD>Battlefield

Manny Padama

So wheres cory?

awab ibrahim

see girls, never drink to much.

Mya Iannuzzi

Is it possible to have both


5:39 i thought he threw the turtle for a moment

which is literally the most rare hair color in the world

Jakub Gamez

A spelling bee compatition, get a dictionary read out 10,000 words, each word spelled out correctly is 1$

full _bloom

Anyone else ask why is Ty always the "rage monster"

armored squad gamer /and dark bolt animating

Why does cancer existed...


who is panda???

Reece C

that story was actually really good

Jakobe Wilson

+funwithguru you should do Rise of Tomb Raider once the 1st Tomb Raider didn't have many easter eggs :)

Ulf Hanebutte

I know that know on will see this but.........

Luke Thoreson

Tyler had the better pose 👇🏽

Lover Girl

lol how was she so convinced all of the sudden? Bitch I would’ve called the police

Abdiel Aparicio

What system What's Gabe think of that,interesting)

Alexa Jaqulin Nelson

Panda wins and for the dancing, all 3 of them are amazing.

Leon Likes Memes

I am 50% Secure and 50% Anxious. I want to fix every problem, but I look for my mistakes alot

1 egg

Anxious Potato

Excuse me while I just meme my way out of actually showing emotions