Monster SHARKS Tried to RUIN my Day!!! {Catch Clean Cook} CNMI Finadeni

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Elma Elizabeth Martinez

Saludos cordiales atte gracias por su atención y colaboración prestada grasias


Abbey 86

Jim B. From Syracuse anyone?

Geoffrey Toussaint

The only thing Ricky Stenhousr Jr can win since he came to Cup


part 3?

Dovilija Torrau

Do basketball trickshoots


i fcking LOVE the music u put on *4 some reason *


This game is beautiful!

Eathonol Pie

Imagine how long it took to set up all the bowling Pins in round two!?

spirosk katsoudas

Great work mate i admire the job you've done in this video!

Moslih marouane

respect from morocco

baka SlEep

I cried after this


Guru, do you think you could make a video about Easter eggs on Finding Dory? When it comes out.

《The Toxic Potato》

Wonder if there arms started to hurt after this video throwing so hard with maybe a warmup

Taste buds and Craft

let it go, let it go...The confusion is bothering me anyway...


Come on you Spurs...

_ NicWereHere

I just realized that you guys are all wearing the same color

Night Slasher

Meh, he isn't interested at all...

rakha waldan


Likwor Langrine

I want to see 🐼 face

Michael Apperson

Cobys tattoo is cringey

Sonic the Potterhead

Adoption exists, you know. And if you don't want to adopt, you can just get a freaking surrogate mother.


All the babies on this channel are girls. Why

Me: Im the only born and made unhealthy person in my family of 8

Jacob Handler

Passes all the competition, man? Get fifteen million more subs and then we'll talk

Holly Furious




Leiram Deguzman

Warriors Fan just showed some discipline while watching the game....Warriors played the game with heart, honesty and Respect...Salute for Warriors....KD we Warriors Fan are praying for ur quick recovery

Hazel Snow

That. Supposed to make a face

Max N

number seven's easter egg is almost identical to ellie's room (it's shown in the left behind dlc)


I'm totally clueless: is the ice cream truck thing a Twisted Metal reference? Or was it for shits and giggles?

Major Colonna

urbigest fan is right here DP

Flash Caden

I'm gonna post my first video on trick shots


what a whitewashed video

Jay Jota

kane and lynch 💪🏼💪🏼

I find Ty


I was beaten as a kid but i was not pinned down and beaten and locked in a blackbelt room.

john of youtube

Tom brady

Miss Maya

3:31 look how long her neck is


0:50 What's the point of him to take a deep breath if he gonna scream again in the end? XD

oovoo javer

I’m 10 seconds into the vid and my name is Sophie and my BFF is Jenna lol

Emil Rasmussen

Please do one with crosby

joel edgar

They were there lol


AMAZING video!Go Hawks!

Oliver Tye

Lets go team cody that was nerve racking

John Grosdidier

you can not hit a basketball that smoothly there is a definate backlash after you make contact

Jordan Oxx

By the way on the gears of war 3 chicken Easter egg you don't have to shoot the middle of the pipes. Trust me I have the game and I done it before


Epic end :D


hella moved the target on target takedown


I love your videos

jono walker

your easter eggs are actually new to me! I'm amazed!


2:15 is that UofM if so,Michigan pride born and raised

Fizzy Frizzy


Matthew's toy show What's up

I 😍 panda

Laila Sayeed

The smuggler is so mee

Jasreen Singh

Lol can't blame him for everything 🙄

Francisco Adalberto Samayoa

I hate north karean

Lava Z

I like this vid the most because it has Ryan Tannehill and I am a Dolphins fan