National students union of india (नेशनल स्टूडेंट्स यूनियन आँफ इंडिया) छतीसगढ़ Chhattisgarh

विधानसभा घेराव (परिवर्तन रैली) शांतनु भैया जिंदाबाद!!अध्यक्ष, दुर्गा कॉलेज छात्रसंघ President of durga college National students union of india नेशनल स्टूडेंट्स यूनियन आँफ इंडिया RAIPUR,(CHHATTISGARH) रायपुर, छत्तीसगढ़!! Ayush singh Thakur आयुष सिंह ठाकुर 9165267678

bobs and vagene marley

Ratman turned into 'Mr.Bean' because he eats too much beans


Nice’s out if human brain..

Dat Daffy

Sub to Dat Daffy


You're awesome mate.

Garrett A

I gotta say, I did not expect Mouth Silence to have the number one spot at all.

A deadly virus that can overcome a host in minutes

D'Quincee Dennis


Petra Brouwer

A-ma-zing!! Love it! #LawAndOrderCorpse 😂 Love from the Netherlands 😍

Tessa M

hockey world record

crystal rivera

Beautiful... Just beautiful but Sam should’ve been an only thing

skull crasher

Battle field has cod ghost and advanced warfare graphics

WWE FanAddicts

Dude Perfect: John Cena Edition...every trick shots you do you need to wear a blindfold so you can't see it

Amy Beane

# 6 I WTF'ed out

Nicholas Nguyen

I hope there were no bloopers in the Memphis Pyramid Shot

Pure Hypacrit

0 unlikes nice

The SuddeNo

I always love your video Guru... always a quality shit.

oh yeah yeah

This girls action is so punchable

pixel python

new target: Cory

jeremy cygan


Fabio Ciarcià

Hhahaahahahahah the end ahhaahahah xD . But if the helicopter go away.... The game ends?

Feitan Portor

What's the music at 1:48?

Erlaine Amon

No.2 trending in Philippines. Omg

Leah Gaitan

The guy ty with the beard seems pretty arrogant and every video his ego gets bigger not to mention he is conceited

Urban Whiting

poor chican

Vishnu Ks

I like cory s' flip

EnderMiner 21

Fucking Killzone and Warcraft. They are very original for this world. Weirdos.

wil edge

Probably the least amazing dudeperfect video

Brittany:I am the 2% who doesn’t watch Game of thrones

Jada vu


Syron Sparrow

Poor Tanner is bullied the whole video. From 16:50 its heartbreaking, he tries to force his laugh but he is so sad. Beimg dominated the whole time.

Veronique Erasmus

Ice cream


bro st

So cool

Gaming with Gabe

I liked cannon

Mr. Spends all of his money on food

D Ramos

As soon as people saw this they immediately thought of 9/11.

emolgachu 1997

Fuck the legal system. You need to bend the rules in life in order to do what's right & most importantly, what makes you feel safe. She could of moved in with her mum without the law getting involved, but the dad would of only called the police :(

Ben Tuin

Ty has no beard at the intro then suddenly grows one

Katastrophe Kids

Team CoBY for life. HE HAS WON A BATTLE

Sam B

Why did Cody knock purple hoser down!


I just cried. I never Cry

#5 hunt ghosts now its going to become true

Kathleen Paige Toomey

Anyone else in 2018

Chris Roldan

Whos watching November 2018


I came here to know wtf is emotional abusing

Mom: No, it’s dog


That Alabama one got me pissed