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Namastey People,"Nenu Nammanu" Story ofa girl who believes "not believing" in anyone is the best policy. Watch and enjoy what all situations does she face and why she doesn't believe anyone.Let us know your experience in the comments section below.Written & Directed by : Rahul Raj VanamCast : Alekhya Harika, Poojitha, Niharith, Shoban, Jones Katru, Naveen Aryan, Shiva PrasadDoP : Aditya Sasi KiritiEditing : Vineeth Chowdary, Kumba ShivakumarPublicity Designer : Durga Sai#TamadaMedia #Wirally #DhethadiPowered By Tamada Media☛ Subscribe to our Youtube Channel : Like us:


Ditto changing into humans?

Diggory Scamander


Layla Beila

Doctors told my mother she couldn’t have babies.

Shadowy Sun

Poor Panda what did he do to u

cube's 163

You shouldn't say their names and keep it annonymous.

a juicy apple

I want to leave my closet but i'm scared of it

Girl: "I'm being bullied."

4 (Кстати можешь зайти ко мне на канал если русский🤗🤗🤗)

little sunflower

And Emily is also my name

Sheryl Allhands

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Meggan Needham

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Lacy McGuire-Mitchell

I think twin toys.


Your videos are great. You should definitely have more subscribers

Sean Wangnick

Gig 'em Aggies!

Bila sam i u Croatiji sličan je Srpskom samo što oni kažu bez ije zvezde mleko i tako dalje a u Croatiji/Hrvatskoj se kaže zvijezde i mlijeko

Da Blue Derp

I dont get 7

I_am_a_potato x shr dead and telling her story in heaven???

Ali Muhammad

I think I just pissed in my pants 😭

Awesome video!

BB gaming Channel

13:56 magyar = hungary

Shanay Reshi

I love u guys .specially Annie yah just kidding u also asher..

Edit: Keep it in gaming.

Namrata Agarwala

How did all of you do that?

I5L Productions

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Arnie Miranda

Its my friends story😍 leila de guzman and sky jerona


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Slime All the time!

I feel bad for garr


Good Job guru you made my day dude ;)


I don’t & wont have the courage to cry around anyone

nadea tomala

So you can quit saying its fake

Lee Belisario

BTW... 2:54

john penguin

steam is also owned by valve which was the makers of both left 4 dead and portal.

Rachel Marker


Natalia Nikonova

it was imposible


why Elsa dont sing a song?


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Namjoon's tiddies

I was also in the same kind of depression but after listening to Bts "love myself " i changed .