Nidhi & Hardik Wedding Short Film by Sat Media Production

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you did most of these already


I love this video. Had some good laughs. Thanks Guru

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I'm 13 and I weigh more than Brian


Do a B-Ball Game

Screech Me- Page 101

im just gonna stay overweight

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What if i kiss my girlfriend last summer

Samuel Aras Michael

The Best Easter Egg Channel XD

Edgardo Bernardino

He is weirdo

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In 2:17 BTS 😍😍 how is Army too 🌚

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You gotta watch the Pixar theory

ʜᴜɢᴏ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴀsᴛᴀʀᴅ

me: "mom, i feel like there's something pulling my ribs. Also like a stabbing feeling.."

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Film with Paris Saint Germain in France. (They’re my favourite)

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Love it so much my 2nd favourite song


I know, I was being sarcastic man.

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Those boats are so fast

Thanks for 16 likes 😄😄

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Panda has fire not clothes you know


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Film With Manchester United

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Garret is obviously panda🐼

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The last one was my favourite

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Lord Gaben has given us his signal!


As a Texan...Texas Roadhouse isn’t even close to real Texan....Texas Roadhouse isn’t even from Texas.

music playlist

My first love left me too because of leukemia, he said he needed time apart and chose to disappear somewhere. I didnt see him since and I received a phone call from somebody who told me that he has died from cancer. I didn't know he had cancer. I wish I couldve told him how much he meant to me before he left. Im pretty sure he knew.

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READING ! (ding)

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shit slaps ngl


Who is the panda


Saints row IV, the games one big Easter egg

Joshua Lakeland


Kyle J.

Jenna gushing about how her little boy should have a lovely dress bc he's a pretty boy and it looks great on him is the nonbinary and GNC support we need

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i hav it

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I love dude perfect




Wife: honey we need that plant uprootedTy:💡

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That's a flying dinosaur

ThatOneWeirdGal realize KD is coming back with limited minutes, still not fully recovered...

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What do you call and inside curve ball, a screwball


117 people are black

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we`ve all seen the statue of happiness`s heart in gta4 

Then you could encourage people to assimilate and mix together until there were no more people of the original race left.


Bobby is my fav

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Hello everyone!,have a good day!

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The tv lives.

DJ Plays

I have been checking if the Dolan Twins uploaded today so this morning I have been REFRESHING THE PAGE this whole time & I checked their Insta! NoThInG!?But then when I checked Snap I saw Ethan posted something so I haven't lost hope 😁😁

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u guys should do horse