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Primetime 210

This has been edited but real exciting though.

Dan Agado III

Blow up the same amount of corn starch... y'all will like the result!!


Still have no idea what the movie’s about

Cesar Sandoval

what about the forest gump refrence from vaas at the begining where your bro dies"run forest run"

EHedges 20

Dis reminds me about rocket league

Chastity Pineda

I like the fat part on steak mmm

Jarl Potato

Fuckin love your videos Guru!

Wolf's tail

I cried through this once it got to the part with her in the hospital bed. I know the feeling of watching a family member pass away when you didn't have a strong bond. My brother passed away at 3 months due to sickness. We had to make the exact same disision of letting him go since we to didnt have much money. We are still javing to pay the bills of life support three years later. My step dad had to file something to get us out of the debt because we can badly pay for food and havw to live with out or grandpa

Ethan: Don't cheat

Rafiuddin Ahmed

So emotional

Stephannie Jimenez

Can someone tell me what camera she’s using?

Nais video

Sad Doki noises

flash backs of me bagging my mom not to whip me with a wet rag


can you do one for Crysis 1

PUBG l4tte

3:28 picture that is seconds before death (cake)

Boss Pagey


ck varma

please tell me u are both are twins aor what

Wacky Blox

I’m so fancy

Demian Bibbins

My name is Demi too and I'm black just like you and this story really helped me escape

10 . Suicide

Aaron Vaughn

Can we take a second to appreciate that Mantis is walking LIKE A MANTIS at 3:16

Odin Odufre

I dont want to play doom anymore after this easter egg

Ava Zehner

Honestly Kylie with stormi melts my heart tbh😌

Ej Enriquez

Fak you your dad is more stupider he dosent even know how to count to 2

Тома Андреев

2:00 the Psy - Daddy reference xD

메 }{ 이

한국어를 넣어주세요ㅠㅠ


wow amazing job

Ekambir Singh

Someone please kill Tyler

Eddie Pantaleon

Game is gonna be awesome!

Shelley Underwood

Kris Bryant is my second fav go cubes

Layla marie Lil momma

Uhhhh did he just say 18th birthday? Or & he is a player 3 wifes in a row wthhhhhh

LeBron James

Drama Queen

the new marvel movie looks great

rayyancool 124

AYYYY Cory's a texans fan

Lilly Musaeus

Who else would love to see Coby own a cat? Like if you agree

Clayton Perry

Need to do a new baseball trickshots video before opening day!


hey guys (ty) in particular im moving around your ranch about an 1hour i was wondering if i could meet you guys

Chase Hibbard

Next Question


Oooooooh, kitties!

Spookie Tokes

I almost feel like crying but i cant jump the gun who knew id be able to support a different team then my own

Cat Loover

“I grabbed my phone”

elyse roetynck

omg you should go to belgium

Carmen Morales

Thumbs up

Jedstar Videos


Hawraa Shehab

For ternining sorry if I spell bad 14

Nobody wants you

Abigail Neyhart

This was the purest thing I've ever seen! My heart is full!


Everybody knows when you find an easter egg, you shoot it. Nobody knows why, we just shoot it.

J Lee

What a bitch



Emma: Ethan, you just have to start coming with me more.


Team red as they got ty

The helicopters and private jets are stuck in place