Muffin con gocce di cioccolato- Senza glutine

Muffin con gocce di cioccolato morbidissimi senza glutine, molto semplici e veloci da preparare; ideali da servire per colazione o merenda.Ricetta stampabile: g di farina senza glutine, 1 uovo, 100 ml di latte, 80 g di zucchero, 50 g di burro, 1 vanillina, mezza bustina di lievito per dolci, 50 g di gocce di cioccolato

Brian Ramos

Am I the only one that's disappointed???

My Ear ache Stopped.

thomas olin

i cant wait for tomahawk addition

shawn sendler

Or a tick tack with a shotgun

Sorrow In A Can

How many games, consoles and movies do you own?


pam speaking is always asmr to me tbhh💀

JayJay ForeverZ

you go girl !!!!!

Gabriela Varela Santana


oofer gangster

Part two

John Rosania

Imagine this but having no significant other to go home to at the end of the day because you aren’t good enough to get one, or any friends to talk to because they don’t like you anymore. Very sad world

The Marcal Group

Dropping dimes

Ivan Maras


Adura Queen

People here are so ungrateful saying they hate school when other people are fighting for to go to school😡


I know magnesium is used in some exotic cars like the Ferrari 458 spider has a magnesium retractable roof and the truck area in the Bugatti Chiron

Greg Edwards

What's the deal with the methane molecules on Gossifleur's evolution screen? Is Pokémon evolution fart-powered?

I can't read this!

Jordan Skeets

Where do you guys live ❔

7 Cerdik

Imagining your crush do this to you...💔


Is this video sponsred by PUBG?

Aris Masudi

This is soooooo awesome

Terieann Graham

Just saying.. if you have the money to do 2 or 3 or more round D's of IVF.. and you don't want to go through the trauma of that again.. just freaking adopt.. there are so many kids who want a family just as bad if not more than you want a child

Irish Bacunawa

Or what about fill trip stereotypes

Hisham Al Shaqran

i’M dEpResSeD i cAn’T bE haPpY


"Find a container with a cane and hat" I see where this is going.


every comment now: OMG ITS 2018 ANYONE WATCHING? OMG OMG

Helen White

Can you come to pointblank

Doggo Lover

Man, if I was that girl’s parents, I would explain why the LGBT community is valid and tell her to apologize to her friend about what she said. Not, “You can whatever view you want and disagree with a whole community’s existence.” Anyway, this was obviously made up by some homophobic middle aged woman who saw that “those gays” were poisoning society and bringing hell upon us all. This is so retarded.

JimboThe Great


Javier Jambrina

Olvidastes lo de declararte en un velero jodeeeeeeer


Hey come on now Grand Theft Auto 5 and Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Are Both Good Games. BO2 is not as good as GTA5 but I still like it.

Beloy Ocampo


Lisa M. Robles


Uunuu Sodoo

Holyshit this is like exactly what happened to me WORD TO WORD

Siddharth Dupati

Anyone who saw video again and again only to see coby's win

Savanna Breeland

hi there I want to tell you a story but I don't have a ending . will here it goes......



Garrett got 2/5


*analyzes the heck out of this trailer for the next 5 hours*

DP: maybe

drinkng_Hg *

I laugh my head off every time when watching videos like this!

Victoria halie

Well why don't you report it because someday my bullies edit a photo of me with inappropriate things like nudes they post it as me I'm like you and when I reported that picture the bullies was band in Facebook and now they even get worse they get detention and after that they got suspended but if you just report it the picture will be gone and idk

Deborah Russell

they just show when they do it right I've watched behind the sence and they me fail alot

And finally protecc her

Koel Carroll

1:45 the guy in the tractor is my dad

rockerboy 1107

it went in the tree

Jac Fourie

I actually have been in the hospital before and i don’t know how long I was there but it felt like 3 weeks. I had an asthma atack. It all happened one night when I was lying in my parents bed and I started to find it very hard to breathe. So I told my parents and they said they would take me to the hospital. When we got there I was immediately put in a wheelchair and I had know idea what was going on.......But luckily I am much better now.

Sebastián Ruiz

any one else looking at the dp dudes and notecing how they used to look


outro song?

Yazmine Lopez

So excited to see the live stream ❤❤ sucks I can't go! But hey responsibility! I love you ACE FAMILY ❤❤

Heard them niggas throwing shade

A. Bakar

About this ball your very famous

12:16pm [heart broken] 💔

Me: /glances at my 3+ year old jars of garden preserved tomato sauce and fruit jams/ eh, I’m not dead yet.