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In this Spot video, Sadhguru destroys concepts of right and wrong, big and small, important and not important, to reveal the key to his phenomenal sense of knowing what works, for him and people around him, in any given situation. #SadhguruSpot#Sadhguru #Spirituallife #Preachings #PravachanMore Videos of Sadhguru: Subscribe to our channel here: Official Facebook Page: ShemarooMe APP for more Sadguru Talk's and share it with your friends and FamilyAndroid: iPhone: a missed call on 18002665151

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I have been going to the psychologist and i have felt a lot better I never accepted that I was actually diagnosed with depression so I thought I could just brush it off... it wasn’t that easy it became worse and my suicidal thoughts have just been going worse then I knew I just had to come clear so I told an adult.. if u feel sad of depressed it’s ok to tell a trusted adult they won’t judge u and don’t do what I did ignoring the symptoms.


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