Actually happened: yes

Olivia Miller

26:53 Grayson is literally flipping all of us off lol

Zaenal Arifin

dat ending

Shauna Hegna


Claire Cheek

Dear Dude PerfectEvery single shot in that this video is great. I wish I could have been there to watch and personal. Love all of your videos I love your channel I describe and like and turn on notifications to your channel into every single video you make so when you make a new video I get to watch it. If you can can you please make one of me playing football with you guys I would love that to happen.Sincerely Aiden


i don't think you have the right too be insulting too that guy its his opinion on a person he does not know this porter guy and nor do you and the Gottlieb guy was just voicing his opinion personally if i was porter i would not put references like that in the game telling people he does not know about personal stuff don't insult the other guy for his opinion some people say Hitler was a good guy and a bad guy he did bad stuff and good stuff you can't just judge someone on one thing people who

Minimum Brad

Twin ring buster...

Hannah Greer

This is also mike from friends 😍

Daniel 3

Rip panda

Duusu Official

pASsEd aWaY

Layal Alqahtani

60 kg for 12 is fine if ur tall, so I don’t think she would be fat. In fact, I’m 54 kg and 13 and I’m 5’3, I guess it’s ok or is it not? Am I supposed to be skinnier than that????

I am a Pi Rho

The "Nightmare" also includes all the secrets from the original level.  It was really cool when I found it.  I also found the Wolf3d title menu on some of the computers in the game.  One of the later chapters when you're going through some of the soldiers' rooms.


Savage 12335

i know paul


XxMariam's cookiexX

I'm watching this while eating bacerolls ;-;


at 3:07 how did he throw that hammer allthe way inside

RC Ulvila Studio

nice vid!

Martin Srajek


Braden Floyd

Check out spaghetti lad

Bruna e Carol

Dimond Dime 5636

My b day i March 21

Nils Martinson

u guys are crazy!

Arijs Kirists

rikardo is a beast

Life What I'm about to say, might sound crazy to some people, but I don't know what happens when you die, but if you want an idea of what it's like, watch Heaven is For Real. It is a great movie.

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Anyone else watch my hero acedamia?


subair malnews

Dude how are you

He is on the news from cherry lane R.I.P mate

Morenike Aluko

racereal cars

Sona Nayar

2019 anyone???

Barrand Bros

how did they edit it?

floating one

Three books to the left of the J. Marston, there is one written by Harry Potter.

raphael klems

plz make a part 2 :)


How ohhhjh

Leila Milani


Iyma moreon