Ummadi Kutumbam || Chadivinodi kanna Video Song || NTR, Savitri

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Chocolate Panda Wizerd

Woah! Plot twist

steven sprange

well i dont really like how my dogs always farts when they are near me:(

Eli Monaghan

It take you more than one try and I know it I’m am not falling for it

Logan Brechting

why a michigan hatbut awesome shots


I knew this was gonna happen...


The violin music that plays in rapture sounds a little like "I Will Always Love You". Is it supposed to be?

Zoya Sohail

I had just put in harry potter for my sister to watch!!!!

Francis Bonnefoy


Sup Anator

he asked for 500 likes. got 2,000

Alexis White

When I heard the words 'I have Aspergers Syndrome' I paused and smiled knowing there are other people like me

Chad Lee



sniff he was a highlighter ever since a little kid 😪

Rum's Roblox

how he alive to tell his story?


I know these gnomes from fable III


Sandro Tabidze

Hit or miss

Niall Mcgowan

I hope to make something like this someday hopefully


Benjamin Poindexter would be proud.

Keane Cobb

The Zoom Flight 2k3's!!!!! Nike NEEDS to retro them.

Abdo Abd Elatif


Michael Gouldie

What type of genre is this song? I've heard some suggested genres but they either don't have singing or are too much like dubstep and whatnot. I like that this is pretty chill. Suggested songs would be appreciated, thanks :)

Blake Neilson

Go go power rangers

Sky 201

comment if you hear bitch in this video

marco green

Let's gooooo cory

The Moral Of story: marry deformed/disabilities guys cause they are kind, caring and loyal. Their heart is gold. Don't marry handsome guy cause they are hypocrite, slag and cheater, Their heart is dirty, trash and smelly.

hoàng thái35



hey :)) it’s okay to be a homophobe, people have different opinions and disagreeing with gays is lmao i’m just kidding i’m a lesbian but can u fuckin imagine

Jeb Thompson

What’s that last song in the girl jams

Max Tamer

So few knowing about the anime


Oohhh, soo silky voice....!!

If you do

George Green

Gnome chompski, what the hell are you doing here!

Most Subscribed Channel

Fake ( not them all )

just lillie


Demi Obviously

I fell in love at 3


Okay so I'm crying cuz i have simular story. My mom is alive still but she cheated on my dad and she was always lying to every one of us and she was the reason that now i have a ton of anxiety and depression problems. I was a person that would always be happy and go out with friends have fun and laugh but these days I'm always in my room laying in my bed and my grades are just failing. I feel like a terrible person cuz i have anger issues too and when my brother would be crying or when he would not listen to me i would always yell to him. I'm sometimes very rude to my grandma and my dad and after, i feel terrible I'm not going out with my frends that often anymore. She was always just lying to me and she was abusive 80% of the time and now she moved and it has been a year or more and she at first lived with my other grandma her mother and than she moved again. Now I'm not going to her house that often and she and my grandma always pressure me to go there. I don't know.


The comments are godtier