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Seal Kaiju gang

Eeeeeeeeew I don’t wanna think about maggots in my arms

Sydney Smith

Cleveland Browns!!!!! We'll do something sometime eventually....

Blake Rezk

:P the field goal is on its side


Yeah it's depressing that some people go through this, but it's also depressing that most people only realize that this is some people#s entire life after they've been through it themselves.

Brandy Axel

good job nice vid


Hmmmm yes i agree, somthing about a Woman Eating Toaster, should I call the hospital or somthing like that because this is like the guy I preformed "surgery" on, let just say he was*Puts on glasses of awesomeness* brainless, get it? the zombie video and all.

gacha life lover

He needs help plz help chandler

Levi Holder

u guysare doing welli know you can be better and I do think that coby will win a battle and coby is my favourite this is my moms phonefrom levi holder biggest fan


anyone remember when guru did COD Glitch videos?

Radiansyah 78

Ko bisa yahhhh

- xX Grace's Gacha Xx -

i am actually crying 😭😢😥😪

No one In particular

Great Video

senquez bradley

overall finals??? he just scored 47!!! and won game 2 after klay went out!

Shadell Flete sanchez


Andreas Constantinou

Cody and his dad look the same

Bill gates jumps out of a window “not today fam”

Min Yoonjj

I would've killed the significant others. I would cry and run away.

Leanna Denney

Soryy cory

Eva Garcia

He was probly being acting annoyed cuz yall filmed anyways lol still not cool of him. I feel like with that attitude he was litteraly dissing yall off

God plz give me rich friend i bored poor friend 😁


why dont you talk in your videos


Why does tyler have a pistol on his side lolzProlly fir the snakes and whatever else is lurking around out there but still thats funny


When ty tells Cody to get out of the road at 3:53

Darkmoon Dragonerin

Ku*rwa, zajebisty film i ten aktor. Będę czekać na tę gre

Jami Becnel


Brian Heath

I'm either the singer or the person gnawing on a pickle. What in the world is gnawing??? LOL.

Evaniya Thomas


Dizzy pic

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