Russia's Got Talent | KATHAK Bollywood | Jag Ghoomeya | Sultan | Kumar Sharma & Svetlana Tulasi

Kumar Sharma has performed with very Talented Svetlana Tulasi on the prestigious stage of Russia's Got Talent in the Semi-Finale as her pertner.

Timothy Cabotaje

The Surfer Bros 0:44

Alicia Creaven

Me: honey that meens she's not your step mom

peachy 0.0

All the kdramas are quacking 💅🏻

Mikey Fortnite

00:30 LMAO

Shemi Ibrahim

Took alot for me not to cry...


Can I hire the person who makes this art work plz

matthew patterson

CBS even confirmed it on there little bit they did on dude perfect, its legit it took him 30 minutes to make it

Still Monday

Like nothing in the first half of the vid was that difficult, didn’t finish the other half so idk.

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That’s so sad 😞 😢 😔

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I have tears in my eyes

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Hi my name is jayla and NICE JOB DON'T GIVE Up coby

Mustafa Afari



This in my opinion was better than showing us more content of pokemon, so thank you.


well i' m a german guy and i can say that this isn't footballwhy are you americans this crazy and call it soccer? idk y.what you have done is AMERICAN football pls call it like this

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Play a horror game on VR

Neko Purrfect

It’s Don!! The promised Neverland

Grandmaster Kush

I remember completing this game to 100 % when i was younger, good times.


purple hoser

Larry 2

Best 0:41

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Perfect parallel to Steph right now is James Harden. Harden was killing it in points scoring 30 or more a night but when 4th quarter rolled around he disappeared and got blasted by the media for it. If thats the bar we are setting, then Steph deserves every bit of criticism for his play in the post season.

These works simply observe the fact that each state was declared a separate nation-state unto itself in 1776, and did not surrender that status via the Constitution in 1787-9.

Talented Singers

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