How To Eat Sushi The Right Way

Coming to you straight from the sushi chef's mouth, MUNCHIES presents the dos and don'ts of eating sushi, as taught by Tokyo's Naomichi Yasuda. Be warned: You've been doing it wrong. Just remember: It's okay to use your fingers to eat cut sushi rolls. Don't combine ginger and sushi, or ginger and soy sauce. Ginger is a palate cleanser in between bites. When dipping sushi into soy sauce, dip fish-side down. Never shake soy sauce off of sushi. That's like shaking your wanker in public. Click here to SUBSCRIBE to VICE Asia:

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Once again, great job Guru, you never cease to amaze, keep it up :-)

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Dang. I have 8 of the BPD symptoms. Welp... I’m doomed.

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Anyone ever wondered if thanos wears the armor? I mean when thor throws his axe to thanos's chest? I think it would be funny if the axe just fall off and didn't even penetrate the armor

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Your story make me wanna cry, I think your are a brave girl 😢😢

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I am the avoidant type and my boyfriend is the anxious type but I always assure him that he's perfect the way he is and he always helps me through hard times. :)


My Top 10 TV References in Video Games - Out June 8th.


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Donkey Balls

This game used to be fun to play and now it sucks

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Haha this is the best channel on YouTube by far 8/8

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It's been about three years since I cut off contact, but it still enters my mind because I'd never been so insidiously abused like that, especially by someone I trusted. Even though I'm in a college and a major where the people are kind and caring, I'm still worried that they secretly hate me and suicidal thoughts still plague me.

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The Surfer Bros 0:44

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lol wtf? who bullies someone for being a foreigner...thats the dumbest shit ive ever heard of. And theyre both white races as well so I don’t really understand...

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