Award Winning Hindi Short Film | Meeraas - Ft Sadiya Siddiqui | Mother & Daughter | Six Sigma Films

This multiple award winning Hindi short film is about a victim of domestic violence who chose to remain silent must find her courage to help her daughter from making the same mistake that she did.. This Hindi short movie features popular actors Sadiya Siddiqui, Enab Khizra, Sidharth Bhardwaj, Shiva Jha Mathur, Monica Arora & is directed by Saurabh K Thakur. Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India has recommended to watch "Meeraas" for sharing the message of speaking up against domestic violence. Every time you suffer in silence, a new victim is born. This celebrity short film has won AWARDS at various film festivals- Independent Shorts Award, Cult Critic Movie Awards, DMDFF, A Show For A Change Film Festival, Virgin Spring Cine Fest, Lake View International Film Festival, Indo Goa Film Festival, Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival, Rome Independent Prisma, Free Spirit Film Festival, Goa Short Film Festival, Starlite Film Awards & more.If you Want to showcase & distribute your #shortfilm contact #SixSigmaFilms at - — More at Subscribe FREE for more Short Films & Bollywood Videos at - Connect With Us on - FB - - - -

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