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Imagine for a moment : How your life would be without your mom? What If She did not wake up in the next morning? What if she did not remind you with your stuffs? What if she forgets to cook for you?What if she forgets to watch out for you?Isn't this unsettling your life?A mother's love flows like water beneath the ground - eternal, pure and unstoppable.A day is never satisfactory to celebrate her love - "The Mother Days" Comment down 👇 below your best moment with your mom let us also know how much you love her.Like us @ by - Vaishnavi P Vasista and Santhosh GEdited and Directed by: Santhosh GopalDOP: Rakesh B Raj | Jayanth PDialogues: SATYAKIProduced by: Gimmick KeysSound Design : Hulivan NagrajStarring : Malati sirdeshpande,Aruna Balraj,Abhimanyu Prajwal,Ram Manjjunath , Divyashree,Deepak Yadav, Sidhart Varma Music CourtesyMS Subbulakshmi-jagadodharana-kapi-aadi-Purandara dasaSandeep Thakur | Maa (Violin Cover) | Taare Zameen Par

Also, fun fact, an upsidedown cross is not a satanic symbol, its the cross of St. Peter who was sentenced to crucifixion, but he asked to be crucified upside down as he didn't feel worthy of being killed in the same as Jesus. That's right, upside down cross are infact holy. The more you know. :D


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the one at 2:59 is not an easter egg, that is a glitch because the kahjiit shop outside of town keeps their stuff in there I'm from the sacred place where all religions were given equal rights. I'm from the happiest country (it's my opinion, not to hurt anyone)

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A crazy lady broke into my house. This is a true story: Now I am not being rude in any way, but this lady was actually mentally unstable in her ways. She just walked threw our back door. Now lets go back a little bit. I am 11, and my sister is 13 at the time. My parents were debating, because we did live in a nice neighborhood, they were thinking about getting some cameras, a google, doorbell camera,etc. After this my mom went out and bought almost $900 worth security devices. It was I day after school. I walk home, because I live across the street from the middle school I went to. When I got home I went upstairs to take a shower (it was hot and I got all sweaty). My sister came in around 30 minutes after, and came up stairs. Of course I knew it was her because she called me from downstairs saying that she was home. She came upstairs, went into her room, closed the door, and put her AirPods in. I continued with my showering until I heard my dog barking and growling. The ceiling is pretty thin from my parents bathroom. I believe if I wasn’t in there I wouldn’t have heard my dog. My dog is actually pretty kind to all strangers. We have to pry her off the stranger(s) before they freak out. So I thought it was pretty weird to here my dog barking. My mom and dad were both at work at this point in time. So there is no way that it could have been them, I thought. Then, I put in a towel and head for my window. My window is facing the driveway, so I could see who was home or not. I look out the window and see a blue car in the driveway. We don’t own any blue cars so I immediately think, who is in the house then? I then run to my sisters room and tell her what happened. To my surprise she turned serious, and said to be quiet. We started to hear the woman go threw our keys and basically our entire downstairs. My sister, scared out of her mind got a couple photos of the women downstairs. Then I call my mom in my closet, because my room and closet is closed off from the rest of the house. She was actually 10 minutes away from the house. She started to go 90mph, and got home within 3 minutes. She caught the lady red handed upstairs. The lady claimed that she was supposed to be there, and she had papers to prove. My mom got so angry she cussed the lady out, and told her to get out of her house. The lady went out the back door. Which the cops later discovered that was the way she got in. They came within 1 minute. They had caught the lady, and took her into the jail. We found her belongings on our island. Which later the cops pulled out drugs(weed). She was 60, mentally unstable, and was on drugs. The cops took our statements, and they left. That was the most scariest thing that had ever happened to me so far. I just wanted to teach you to always lock your doors and windows. That lady got our address, and drove to our house with her GPS. If she can accidentally walk into my house like that, maybe someone who actually meant to break in, could do more harm. I would love to see this story go onto this channel, and yes, I am subscribed. Love you and don’t forget to like❤️❤️


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Black Ops 2 zombies storyline was perfect. Too bad it ended up getting screwed up because people wanted more.