Xionci Oasay

My team on football is cowboys


My dad is cheating on my mom and her and I are giving him divorce paperwork 😏

Stipe Badrov

there is a really rare one idk if anyone has found it but if ur internet doesnt work on ur computer go on google chrome and it should say internet not available or something like that and there would be a dino on the top u just gotta press space on ur keyboard and u can play the game with the dinasour

Street Films

Airsoft trick shots

I upload memes

I have schizophrenia and PTSD (diagnosed). I may have this as well but its undiagnosed, and I only have one alter. After some therapeutic discussions I got flashbacks, apparently I had childhood sexual abuse, which is where dear Lucy came from. From what I've heard from friends, she's cold and cruel and EXTREMELY sexual, and i have gaps in memory whenever she has been out, which scares me. But! I've been getting better, and my life is bearable now. I improve every day with the help of age regression therapy, its truly a fucking miracle and I don't know what I would've done without it.

Beaine boo Queen

My grades where dropping A- what?

The Ninja Cat

5:05 I didn’t know this was a stereotypes video with the rage monster

Mohsin Qureshi

So funny 😂😂

*the screen says shadow of the colossus: remake

Luke #tony is cool


Swag McCarthy

We're is there office

Yahir Hernandez

What about stop hammer time

Percival Lum

Wait he miss a pin?:/


Dud thats sad

Laurence Diaz

You should guys join basketball

Ateez is Everywhere

wow 4M already!!

G Marie

I know my moms gonna die, I’m aware, but I’m still going to ignore her when I move out, I’m finally living with my grandparents now but I can never forgive my mom, no matter what people say, I can’t look at her face without freezing up then going into a rage. I physically can not do it. My mother is a horrible person, and I hope she dies without ever seeing me again, I’m still a teen but luckily she moved to lass Vegas with my little brother and her husband, she ignored me for 14 years, I’ll ignore her till shes dead, weather it’s tomorrow or in decades. I know I’ll get hate for this, please just leave me alone though, look at this as a rant, I’m allowed to have a opinion. Nice video, I hope the daughter is doing well:).


wel... they actually said in the movie that this ditto was one of his experiments

John McClane vs. John Wick


This was awesome should totally do this again

Ronan Montgomery

That is 100% not what that girl said.

please sub :( Clickbait

John Saberhagen

Isn't the Steam version quality just like this or close to it?


The other thing I especially love with your work Guru is the diversity. Not only you provide us an extraordinary editing in your videos, but you also show us various video games, movies and music.


She killed him cause he cheated on her...but she hired someone to seduce him into cheating?...

Mario Bagaskara

is that a GIANT DICK?

Conner Goff

I may have this, actually. I have already been diagnosed with clinical depression, but nearly all the boxes are checked for me save dissociative moments- I have cut ties with most of my friends and labeled them negative influences despite later feeling terrible and blaming everything on myself, I tend to label things with too cut-and-dried of categories, I feel every negative emotion far more than I should and the same goes for positive emotions, I struggle to focus on my work and procrastinate and yet impulsively take on more work/spend money because I think I can handle it, and, worst of all, I always ruminate on the worst case scenario, like my mom dying or losing everything and becoming homeless.

Matthew Fogg

Do World Record 2!!


Nope, not going to watch this one.

Salamander King

And i thought that the teaser was good

The Exotic Guardian

10:12 what's the name of that song.

Bronson Wally

Fake all the way !!


You should do a video with Lionel Messi



Mark Bwayo

I Expect to see Anna's new powers

froSty christian XXX

Play Roblox

Charlie Binstadt

Yes sleepover stereotype would be so funny 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

Miguel Man

I just searched dude perfect then it recommended me this



( In english: Jeon Jungkook, you do not leave me ill accustomed!