Ajay dewangan ShantiNiketan College Dil Na Diya AD dance performance 2005-06

Annual Function - shanti niketan college raipur

Edgar Razon

been waiting for this !!! WHERE TF HAVE YOU BEEN??

Dr Wolf

Fav video by far

patricia chabbey


Armela Abitria


Tim G

Go purple hoser nation!

KathyK sun

Haha F.E.D the P.I.G umm donno what the B is

Farooque Cader

I am depressed but no one cares pls help me in the comments


How can you smell a dead fish?


in pressing 4 your gonna see him slapping his mate on the ass.. ;D


I swear to god My little pony and this bronie ahit is going WAY to far! Putting them in a good game?! I mean like really? Come on!

Eric Barragan

Tijuana pihranas low key not a bad idea

I didn't know what to write

Makayla Sejkora

Marshmallow dodgeball haha!

Rolando Garay

“Life is getting better finally”


You should of brought anti nemi

Ah Sae

I want to leave school in the middle of the day but I’m too scared

Eden Ortiz

Least viewed video of dp

Ally Mills

70% of my high school is Mexican. I am mixed- black and white. It’s really akward when I ask about Mexican culture that the others know.


My cousin is allergic to grass, honey, bees etc. had to have a SUPER expensive surgery to get cured. His white blood cells kept getting killed everyday. In and out of the hospital every day at a young age. Basically had curable cancer

Narender Chaprana

My name is Anna too

Sporty H

I love you guys

Như Nguyễn



I actually have tears for some reason? I guess I didn't realize I'd been craving a classic high-fantasy epic for so long... that's what Frozen II seems to be. It's nostalgic I guess. The likes of classic fairy tales and folklore and fantasy epics like Lord of the Rings and Narnia. The modern trend is to use fantasy to subvert expectations (Shrek, Onward's trailer, even the first Frozen). I'm just happy that Frozen II seems to be taking fantasy back to it's roots, even for just one film.


Выдан ВАК бан по причине: аим бот


what does panda look like? why keep him hidden? people need to know who does all this awesomeness behind that panda suit!!!!!


I think you are on about the coloured skulls you complete on Dead Island. You probably found the yellow shrine.


girl: i got an iphone!

Vue Lor

Kwan is starting to get annoying. Can you change her personality a bit?

Anuj Tank


Leah Marchycha

what's the fastest man alive joke can someone please tell mee

Daily Gacha

Why you don't do a surgery to become a girl?

Chucky Boi


Sloth Sloth

Cool playground edition

l Ency l

They’re filming in DPHQ2 Under Construction

Gacha Lola

Why does they people and the person thats talking sound and look the sane no hate

Super Gaming

Is tha a trick shot

Youtube's not drunk.

please sub :(


You should add the patricia scene from Split !

Jesse Flint

wonder what happens when you press every button in heaven

5James Cole

texas rolls

Evan Nagy

So this is how it all started. And when it gets recommended to someone in 10 years from now. Hello


Every 6.879 seconds ‘WOOOOOOO’

dak deos

don't forget minerals...


pause at 2:36 i think Ty hurt his wrist i can see blood on the ramp there hope he is ok after that

Ynl ALkhalil


Arjun Ajikumar

I am a gamer but not this addicted

Matthew Alexander

Seams pretty acurit in my standers

Oliver Koch

i love the panda!

Goat Man

This is great

That's my opinion as a lover of Metal Gear.