Which medical course is best if could not get into MBBS. A career making Video.

Educational institutions - Ali yavarjang national institute for hearing handicap (mumbai) All India institute for speech and hearing (mysure ) Netaji subhash Chandra bose medical college jabalpur And many more institutions (government) Private colleges Aurbindo medical college indoreAnd many moreCost of education in Baslp in private college 90,000/- per yearIn government college - 50,000/- per year Speech Therapy : Institutes/ CollegesAli Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing HandicappedLocated at Kishanchand Marg, Bandra (West), Mumbai, four Regional Centers located at Secunderabad, Kolkata, Noida and Janla (Bhubaneswar) and two Composite Regional Centers at Bhopal and Ahmadabad for Persons with DisabilitiesPostgraduate Institute of Medical Education and ResearchSector 12Chandigarh 160012Course: B.Sc Audiology and Speech & LanguageAll India Institute of Medical Sciences Ansari Nagar,New Delhi 110029Course: BSc Speech Therapy and Hearing, MSc Speech Pathology and AudiologyGujarat UniversityNavrangpura, Ahmedabad 880009, GujaratCourse: Diploma in Audiology and Speech TherapyUniversity of BombayAli Yavar Jung National Institutefor the Hearing HandicappedKishen Chansd Marg,Bandra (West) Mumbai 400050Course: B.Sc. Hearing & Language M.Sc Hearing Speech and LanguageTN Medical CollegeBYL Nair Charitable HospitalMumbai 400008Course: BSc Speech & Hearing M.ScOsmania University Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Course: BSc Hearing Lang. & speechUniversity of Chennai Centenary Building ChepaukChennai 600005Course: BSc Speech & Hearing M.Sc Audiology & Speech Therapy University of MysoreKarya Saudha, Crawford Hall,PB No. 17, Mysore 570005, KarnatakaCourse: BSc (Speech Pathology or audiology), MSc speech & HearingKasturba Gandhi Medical CollegeManipal, KarnatakaCourse: BSc Speech & HearingInstitute of Speech & Hearing Hannur Road, BangaloreCourse: BSc Hearing Lang. & speechInstitute of NursingA.B Shetty Marg, MangaloreCourse: BSc Hearing Lang. & speechAll India Institute & Special HearingMansazangolhri, Mysore 576006Course: B.Sc Hearing Lang. & speech M.ScJM Institute of Speech &HearingInderpuri, KeshrinagarPatna 800023Course: Dip. in Hearing Language & SpeechIndian Institute of Health EducationNear Control Jail BerurPatna 800002Course: B.Sc Hearing Language & SpeechMedical Trust Hospital MG Road Cochin 582016Course: Dip. in Hearing Language SpeechSri Ram Chandra Medical Institute Porur, Chennai 600010Course: B.Sc Hearing Lang. & Speech12th with biology science are eligible.is an affiliate link to read books which has impact on my life. One book Sahi ke hero is written about me.

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My birthday month is also may

it'z Flynn

Who is watching in 2018

Emily Alfred

i’ve gone through worse then this but wtv 😴✌🏽

Starlight Fox

I have A food relationship.

Dance mama Dreamer

2019 viewers????

Burnt Melon1618

Is the persons perspective we have warden? The watch?

Emily Basinger

2019 anyone?

Bama_ Boy_89

This was the first Dude Perfectvideo I watched

Jay Bone

Trailer: “At long last”

minute movies

Yes coby you will

Garland Hanlin

You should make more of these

Rick Sanchez

That Dom and Maria moment was sadder to me than any other sad moments in video game's history.

Clara H

I've seen a lot of videos by moms about how their bodies change after giving birth so if hila ever wants to talk about it I'm really curious

Damain Young


Tunar Sebla

The first time I heard the zombie talking, his words were: Dear God, without me, Gooooddddd


Borderlands 2 has all sorts of easter eggs, ranging from movies, video games and tv series. Hell there's even My Little Pony references.



King James

do part 2 please :D

Sarah Coniglio

soggy mac n cheese why don't you sponsor DP

dragon nut raye !!!

T swift is awkwardl

chris wright

why is tyler a rage monster.


Can you do marble trick shots?

Jacob Campbell

that was teed up to high for a 7 iron


Wish the bloopers were included in the vids more often

Demetrius Reed

Max dumb ass is on something he fucking can’t even make good choices in boxing I wish his dumb ass would just quit nobody would miss him and his dumb ass dick riding thoughts

Vloodz !

Lilith is gonna die

kUn hEnnRy

do ping pong trick shot with a tt racket

André Benites

how about soccer trick shots(feat Rémi Gaillard)

zek in


Mylène From France

#22 in FRANCE !! Twicelights in Europe please~♡

Boodsaba Chihouse

watching this in 2016

Greg Roltgen