Resep Masakan praktis.Nasi Kuning(Yellow Rice)Oseng Buncis Tempe.

Yellow Rice Rice Mix with little Glutinous rice Water coconut milk lemon grass kaffir lime salt chicken powder. veg France bean Tempe galangal garlic shallot chilli salt chicken powder Brown sugar tomatoes sweet soy sauce

Killian Wilson

ClicK bAiT


i liked the sticky fingers album above the doge album

Sofia is cheez


Eva JK.

I live in macedonia

but at night she fights evil in hopes that she can create a safer world for you

Brooke Davis

Wait. He came out and his parents accepted him? His strict ass parents? Well then there must be something wrong with my mom.

Hey Sisters

Yea cause every time I go to the gym I see a guy gnawing on a pickle Just kidding that’s not a real thing EXACTLY


Y’all seriously named him Theodore🤦‍♂️💀


The last one was really creepy haha but the Kappa looked so innocent and cute :3


@TsukiRockerBoy what he doesnt need his arms or legs he uses his freakin mind

Stopdabbingkids -.-

“Let’s play a secret game.”

Gregory Garcia

Nice panda 🐼


But unlike the fish, we can learn to run like a tiger if we wanted.

Kenneth Poh

Finally, we see a closure to the whole zombies story... Does that mean that there'll be no more epic zombie storylines? NOOOOOOOOO D:

Edward O

Nostalgia The first Dude Perfect video I remember

tune untuned

I have most of these symptoms

Rumo à Riqueza

love songs

Abel Aguiar

Thought this was a fancy way to say "Tom Holland spoils a movie, again"


The hat they used is a redwings hat on the manikin head



Sofie Marmo

dont they have phones

Caitlin S

What is the guy at 3:20 saying?

Devon Powell

Why is age restricted. Much sad


this video is such a mood


The ball never actually slows down, it just looks like it does because of the angle

mariam alam

He will win

Jack Sharvin

Bruh your music is too good😍

Xuan Ly

I thought that he ask her to be his girl friends


You’ve been under 1 million subs forever and I still remember watching you years ago I assume you’d be bigger by now

WxstedKiwiz 2

School Stereotypes

Treaxvour W

You guys are funny. Some good ol boys ;)

Mike Laskowski

Got 33 first try

Diamond :3

I still don't understand what's going on.


No u